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   Chapter 613 I Gave You A Chance

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6875

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The basement was cold and dark

Myron was weak, and could barely lift his limbs. If anything, he was almost as good as dead, his eyes hollow and lifeless.

He didn't know why and how things had turned out like this.

It was Emily who gave him the wine and who asked him to go upstairs. There were no ill intentions; he only wanted to tuck her in. How did he ended up like this?

A groan escaped from his lips as he tried to roll to his side.

Every punch he took was merciless and without remorse.

At that time, he was so afraid and he asked for help. And he was sure there were people who knew what was happening to him. Nonetheless, no one came up to rescue him. No one dared.

If only Emily was awake, she would have definitely saved him.

She was so pure and kind.

He would bet every last cent he had that she would save him.

When he was small, if he fell ill or got injured, his relatives treated him especially well. They tended to satiate his every request. This time he had gotten seriously wounded. Surely Emily would treat him even better.

The thought made Myron forget all the physical pain that he felt. A smile slowly crept upon his lips. He instantly regretted it, however, as the movement tugged on a wound on his mouth.

"Look at yourself!" Agnes said to herself with resentment. "Not only did he not do what he was supposed to do in the first place--he spoiled everything!"

The plan was simple enough: let Donny sleep with Emily, and spoil her innocence.

It was impossible for Agnes to comprehend how an eighteen-year-old adult man could resist such temptation? Especially since he was drunk and Emily was so seductively dressed.

If only they had slept together and Jacob caught them in the act, Emily was surely doomed! No man could stand being cuckolded.

Emily's splendor and richness would finally come to an end.

What she never expected was that Jacob, who had been so busy these days, had returned this very evening! And just at that moment, he saw the two inside the room...

Agnes didn't know

that you killed people, she would never talk to you and would drive you out. You would never see her again!"

The last sentence effectively threatened him.

Myron stopped; the last thing he wanted to happen was for Emily to hate him.

Taking advantage of this gap, Agnes, who had been beaten black and blue, quickly scurried against the wall, fearing that Myron might continue to beat her. She shrunk into a corner, and balled up there, hugging her knees tightly to her chest.

She was afraid that Myron might kill her before Jacob even got back to her.

As soon as Myron stopped, he felt sharp pain all over. The adrenaline he had felt wavered; it felt like he had been run over a dozen times.

He finally collapsed.

All the strength that had been brought about by anger disappeared. In an instant, he was back to his original, lifeless state.

The seconds and minutes passed. There was no knowing how long they had been there in the dark. They laid there quietly, when suddenly a beam of light appeared, and with it, rang the voice of a woman.

"Myron, are you okay?"

Myron immediately recognized that it was Emily's voice. If he were not wounded, he would definitely have jumped up.

However, now he can only drag his heavy body, reluctantly stand up against the wall and go to the door.

"Miss Beauty... I'm here. Are you coming to save me?"

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