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   Chapter 612 He Was Undressing You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9872

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Myron didn't have the strength to fight against Jacob. Besides, he was senseless from alcohol now. Jacob easily kicked him to the floor and landed some vicious blows on his stomach. In great pain, Myron screamed loudly. There was nothing he could do except beg for mercy.

"Ah! Please! Don't hit me!

Spare me! Please spare me!

Miss beauty, help me!"

Myron was soon badly hurt. He could not help but beg for Jacob's mercy and even asked Emily for help. But she was lying senseless and immobile on the bed. She seemed oblivious to the two men.

Jacob finally noticed that there was something wrong with Emily.

Myron's painful screams were loud enough to wake the dead, yet she had not reacted to it at all. It was most abnormal.

His heart skipped a beat with worry. Anger disappeared and made way for panic. He loosed his grip on Myron and rushed to her bedside. Taking her into his arms, Jacob peered into her pale face, trying to find out what was wrong.

Her eyes were tightly closed, though she was breathing evenly and deeply; she slept peacefully, as if she would sleep for a hundred years. He became concerned that she might never wake up again.

"Emily?" Grabbing hold of her, he tried to shake her awake, and desperately he urged her, "Emily, wake up!"

But she did not respond, as if she was completely submerged in a deep dream and had cut all bonds to the real world.

A strong sense of panic ripped through Jacob's whole heart. He felt as if he was going to lose her, so he raised his voice, "Emily, wake up! Emily, please wake up!"

But she remained unconscious. He pinned Myron to the floor with his dagger-like stare. The boy still lay groaning and had clasped his hands to his stomach. Pain made the youth shiver violently. "What did you do to her? Tell me, or I will kill you right now!" Jacob roared with a panic-stricken rage.

But Myron was so badly hurt that he could not utter a single word.

Realizing that Myron couldn't tell him anything, Jacob gave up and quickly called a doctor to come.

Several bodyguards dragged Myron out, leaving a long bloody stain on the floor, and the metallic tang of spilled blood pervaded the room.

Driven by concern, Jacob's brow furrowed as he waited for the doctor. He picked Emily up and took her to another room, not wanting the doctor to tend her in a contaminated space. After placing her on the fresh bed, Jacob gently did up her buttons one by one.

The doctor, apparently aware of the urgency of the situation, rushed to Tyrone Mansion and gave Emily a general check-up. She breathed a long sigh of relief when she had confirmed that Emily was not in any immediate danger.

"Mr. Jacob, Miss Emily is okay. She has taken too many sleeping pills and that's why she can't wake up yet. She will wake up again after the drugs' effect has worn off."

"I understand," Jacob said in a low voice that echoed his relief. The doctor's words alleviated his anxiety

weakened and she felt somewhat helpless. "This incident is really so weird that I can't believe it. Everyone in this world, even you, could possibly make a mistake in the investigation. So I just want to ascertain with clarity who the guilty party is. You know..." she tried to persuade him.

"Emily, I have never made a mistake," he interrupted her coldly.

She was stunned by his enormous self-conceitedness. She recalled their past and felt as if she had to swallow a bitter pill, for he could not remember all that she could. Gawking at him for a while she then asked, "Really? Are you really sure that you have never made a mistake in your life?"

Hearing her suspicious tone, his thoughts turned to his past. Even though he couldn't recall it, for some inexplicable reason he felt guilty and had to look away. "Get some rest. I will deal with this affair," he said distantly, with an unreadable expression ingrained on his face.

He turned and left the room quickly, as if running away from the room, or her. Obviously, her words had cut him to the quick.

She was still trying to come to grips with the thought that Myron would have come into her bedroom and tried to force himself onto her. In her distraction she didn't notice that Jacob had left so abruptly, nor that he acted strangely.

Myron was a simple and innocent boy and he would not take the initiative to harm others unless someone coaxed him into doing so.

Maybe Agnes had instigated him to do it?

Soon Emily had made up her mind to find a way to prove Myron's innocence. She owed him for his kindness in the past, and he really was just a simple and kind country boy.

Emily believed that Jacob had locked Myron up and would not hurt him. The servants in Tyrone Mansion all kept the secret truth from her and no one dared tell her what really happened.

So she didn't know how badly Jacob had beaten Myron, or that he was locked up in the damp and dark basement with Agnes.

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