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   Chapter 611 The Raging Beast

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8257

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"I've told you. It's a reward for us.

If you don't give it to me, I will tell Miss Beauty about you."

Myron turned around planning to tell Emily.

"No! No! Don't do this!" Agnes pulled his arm forcefully to stop him. She looked guilty and nervous, and she handed it back to him saying, "Well, here you have it."

He took the bottle happily and kissed it. "Miss Beauty likes me the most. I knew it!"

She sneered at him in her black heart, 'Yeah! She did like you the most, but just wait and see what is coming for the both of you. Go to hell!'

"Don't you want to drink it now?"

She looked at the bottle with feigned jealousy, pretending that she desired it as well.

Her envious look had finally convinced him that the bottle in his arms was a real treasure. And he answered, "No! I won't drink it! Everything Miss Beauty gives me is kept in my collection."

She became annoyed at his answer, because it was not according to her plan. Thinking quickly she came up with a perfect lie, "This expires tomorrow. It is wasted if you don't drink it today. And if Miss Emily knew you wasted it, she would feel sad."

"Really?" Although he doubted what she was saying, he was afraid to upset Emily by not drinking the wine. He liked the way she smiled and didn't want to disappoint her.

"Of course! I don't have to lie to you about this. Nothing to be gained by me if I lie to you, right?" Agnes continued persuading him and nodding strongly to emphasize her point.

"Well!" Finally convinced by her sly manipulations, he decided to drink the wine at once and then keep the bottle in his collection.

He had never drunk wine from this kind of bottle before, so he didn't know how to open it. Biting on the stopper he managed to open it and then drank it at once.

The wine was so strong that his face turned red and his throat gagged on the bitter fluid.

He paused, gasping for air, but as he thought about it being a gift from Emily he drank some more. This time he drank more slowly, not wanting to spill any of the precious wine.

Agnes stared at him drinking the wine and slowly a wicked smile appeared on her face. He really was too gullible!

Seeing her looking at him, he thought that she wanted a share of his wine, so he stepped back at once. Cradling the wine in his arms, and fearing that she would rob him, he yelled at her, "All of this is mine! I will never give you any of it. Forget it!"

She sneered, "Fine by me! I don't want

the alcohol, his eyesight was now impaired. The buttons were swirling in his vision, and he kept failing to button the first one up. But if he didn't get the first one, he simply could not continue with the task.

He became so anxious that sweat beaded on his forehead. His action was slow and dull, and his fingers lacked their normal dexterity.

"Why am I struggling so?"

Just as he was wondering at his clumsiness, a loud bang almost broke his eardrums.

Someone savagely kicked the door open.

Slow to react, Myron turned to the door. But before he recognized who was storming in, a huge punch smacked into his face.

He was knocked to the ground in a flash, and his head exploded in pain.

Jacob had never expected that he would be welcomed by this scene upon arriving home. When he silently clicked the door lock, he had seen the man standing over Emily through the half open door.

He had then kicked the door open without a second thought.

Entering the room in a rage, Jacob could clearly see who was intruding upon his domain.

Myron stood at Emily's bedside, and he seemed to be unbuttoning her. While Emily's eyes were closed, her unbuttoned pajamas revealed large areas of her snowy-white skin. It was an image that seared into Jacob's mind.

The raging beast deep inside his mind was released. With his own two hands, Jacob grasped Myron's head and brought his knee up to his face. The next moment his fists were slamming into Myron's head and the inebriated man sunk to the floor grasping his scull. With anger blinding Jacob's eyes, he kicked and beat Myron relentlessly, not caring whether he lived or died.

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