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   Chapter 610 There Is Something In The Milk

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Soon Jacob found out that Emily had brought two people back, and he hired his private detective to find out their background without further delay.

Emily was determined to tell him everything about Donny, thinking that he might remember something. However, she was concerned that it might also have a bad influence on Jacob, so she relinquished this idea. The risks were too high.

She gave Donny a brand new name, Myron.

On the other hand, Cherry named herself after someone else, Agnes Wang, wishing to be as pure as an angel. Deep inside her heart, she was still competing with Emily, but she wouldn't dare to show her hostility in front of everybody. Emily was now her benefactor, and she could not dare to do something that would threaten that.

She contented herself with believing that her new name was more pure than Emily's.

Cherry, now named Agnes, was so jealous of Emily's snow-like skin that she had sought a name of incredible purity. She only wished she could be whiter and prettier than Emily after changing her name!

Now that she was living under Emily's roof, Agnes did not have the guts to challenge her in front of all the other servants. So Agnes reluctantly accepted the job as a maid and finished her tasks on time.

As for Myron, he was in charge of taking care of the plants in the garden.

Emily had the money to give them a life of luxury, but she preferred that they exercise their abilities, instead of letting them become fully dependent on her. She had the forbearance to assign them some tasks to occupy them.

If they could live independently and wanted to leave one day, she wouldn't stand in their way. For Myron, she planned on taking him to see some developmental experts as soon as her troubles were at an end. Perhaps they could do something to help him.

Time seemed to pass smoothly and quiet ruled their lives.

Agnes often complained about her job as a maid. She wouldn't mention it to Emily, but she would occasionally shirk away from her assigned tasks.

Although Emily had offered her a shelter, she didn't want to become involved in Agnes's mess and she chose to ignore her.

But day by day, Agnes became more ambitious and she came up with a plan.

One day, Agnes was washing the wine cabinet with another maid.

Seeing that Agnes's head was in the clouds, the maid reminded her, "The wine in this cabinet here is very expensive. You should be careful. If you break a bottle, w

Jacob was by her side would she sleep better.

Jacob was afraid that it would harm her body if she took too much medicine. So, he had ordered the servants to throw out all the sleeping pills in the house so that she could slowly get back to a better sleep routine on a daily basis.

'But... What is going on today?

Why would I feel so sleepy after drinking the milk?

Was there anything in that glass of milk?'

Without enough time to further consider her sleepiness, Emily could not resist slipping into a deep slumber on the bed. Her breathing became even and long.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Agnes took out a bottle of wine and met with Myron, looking around secretively. "Donny, do you know what this is?" she asked.

She did not call him Myron but stuck to his original name, Donny. However, she was unhappy if anyone called her Cherry.

Luckily, Myron did not care what others called him. He was still him, whether he was Donny or Myron. But he preferred the name Myron, because it was given to him by Emily and he cherished it since she was his fairy-sister. She had always been so kind to him.

"What is that?" Myron asked Agnes. Under the low light, Myron finally saw it clearly in Agnes's arms. "Is that wine?"

"That's right! You are so clever!" It was against the norm that she should praise him. Looking surprised, she said to Myron, "This is how Miss Emily decided to reward you... No, really! It's for us!"

Myron sensed something was wrong. "You must be lying! You've been slacking off lately. How could my fairy-sister give you a reward?" "I have been very diligent recently. It is my reward!"

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