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   Chapter 609 Two Dirty Beggars

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7443

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Beryl was not afraid of Donny's dirty appearance. It was probably because it was a rare case to see beggars in Jingshi City. As she looked at Donny, she couldn't help but think that he looked like a new kind of action art. "Wow!" Beryl clapped her hands with excitement, "You look so cool!"

Donny didn't know the meaning of cool but he could tell that Beryl was praising him. He blushed and scratched his head as he stammered, "Ki-kind of, I guess!"

With a kind smile, Emily held Beryl's hand and gently introduced her to him, "Beryl, he is mommy's friend. You can call him Donny. Donny, this is my daughter Beryl."

They said hello to each other. Both of them were children, but Donny had the mentality of a three year old despite he was 18.

"Donny, you can come with us," Emily said. Emily had made up her mind that she was not going to leave Donny alone again. When she had left the village, she realized that she wasn't able to leave her number with him.

If she did, it would have been much easier for him to go find her.

It was a good thing that she took Beryl to the square today; otherwise, she might have never seen him again. He might have kept roaming the city, or even got bullied and insulted, with nothing to eat and no clothes to wear.

Maybe they had no more chances of ever meeting again.

What would happen to Donny in the end? It was something Emily just couldn't bear to imagine.

Although she saw him as friend, Donny was really still just a child. There was no way for her to turn a blind side on someone like him.

Donny was so happy when he heard her say this, and he nodded his head with enthusiasm. "Yeah! That'd be great!" he answered.

A woman a few feet away suddenly appeared and rushed towards them. She was in a gray and dirty dress, and looked like a running sack from afar!

"Donny! I finally find you, Donny! I finally find you! I've been looking for you for so long!"

But before she got close to them, the bodyguards had kicked her away, her body slamming hard onto the ground.

The woman let out a yelp, and her face twisted with pain. She screamed, "What's the matter with you! This is ridiculous."

The bodyguards lowered their heads with shame when Emily th

were getting moist with tears. She bit her lip, and told Emily half the truth, "I did go to see him, but he said he didn't know me at all. And.. and he said I don't deserve him. Then he kicked out and left me alone."

Considering the fact that Magee went to bed with so many women, it made sense for Emily that he probably forgot Cherry already. Plus with his fickle manner for women, it was inevitable that this would happen to her.

The anxiety grew bigger and bigger as Cherry waited for Emily's answer. She put on a desperate look, all the while swearing in her thoughts, 'Emily, you are such a phony.' She kept begging, "Miss Emily, I really have no place to go now. I'm not lying."

It seemed that she would be left to die if Emily refused to take her.

"Mommy, this woman is so pitiful. Let's take her home." Beryl was so innocent at her age that she could not help but show sympathy for Cherry because of her poor look. Compassion filled Beryl's little face.

"All right!" Emily was touched by Beryl's words. Besides, it didn't matter to her that she took in a couple of people.

She was not afraid what Cherry would do to her with so many servants and bodyguards in the villa.

As a result, two dirty beggars came back to the villa with Emily when she got back. All of the servants were shocked to see this scene, but none of them dared to offer their opinion about it.

'Since when does Miss Emily have this hobby to take beggars home?' the servants wondered.

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