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   Chapter 608 Cutie

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Cherry began to shiver, but summoning up all of her courage she said, "Mr. Lin, don't be sad. We will have another child in the future. If you like, I shall give you many more children..."

Magee's lips twisted into a mocking smile and he suddenly burst into laughter as if it was a massive joke. His voice was laden with sarcasm when he spoke, "My children? Not all women in the world are destined to bear my children. You are just a simple village girl. What makes you think that I would want you to be the mother of my children? What qualifies you for that privilege?"

His sarcasm needled her heart. Her face turned pale as she countered, "Of course I'm qualified to have your child. People in our village all say that I'm of a good health to carry a child. Many men wanted to marry me, but I only want to be with you... Since you don't want to have a child with me, who else is worthy to bear your child? Is it that Emily? She is..."

"Shut up!" Angrily Magee interrupted her and snapped, "If you mention her name to me again, I shall kill you."

Her eyes opened wide in horror. She knew instinctively that he wasn't joking. It was a promise. He was so serious that she could even see the anger and a strong desire to shed her blood in his eyes. Not only would he do it, but he would surely enjoy it too!

What a horrible man!

She shut her mouth and backed away from him. His expression reflected the disgust which he felt for her as he turned to the butler and instructed without another glance at her, "Take her to the hospital for a check-up. If she is pregnant, make sure that she has an abortion."

The butler finally understood his young master's mind and gestured to the servants. They immediately dragged the woman from the villa.

In order to prevent her from shouting, which might further annoy his young master, he also stuffed a dishcloth into her mouth so that she could only make some muffled sounds.

She was dragged out, jammed into the back of a car, and then driven straight to the hospital.

After a general check-up, the doctor concluded that she was not pregnant, so they threw her back onto the streets as per Magee's orders. The butler and servants considered that she was very lucky to suffer no punishment for her offense to their master.

As they drove off, Cherry tried to run after the car, but they soon outdistanced her. Finally out of breath, she stopped and watched the tail lights vanish into the night. Angrily she stamped her foot.

She had suffered a lot before coming to the big city from the small mountain village. All of this had been endured in order to find Magee and to be with him. Now, instead of welcoming her as she desired, he had cast her out and driven her back to the streets

te mountain village with Magee in order to search for Jacob. But she was accidentally lost and tricked into becoming the daughter-in-law of the village head. Donny was the son of the village head.

Although Donny was not very bright, he had been very kind to her. He had not embarrassed her or tried to force himself on her, instead, he had helped her a lot.

His eyes clouded over at her mention of the village and he replied sadly, "My father and mother were caught by someone, and they're gone. I'm the only one in my family left in the village. I was so scared, so I came to find you."

She was stunned by his news, and a trace of guilt flashed over her face as she briefly thought that it served his parents right.

The village head and his wife deserved the punishment because they had abducted so many young girls. But she couldn't forget Donny. Although he was 18 years old, he had the mental capacity of a little child and could not take care of himself at all. He must have experienced hard times before he met her today.

"How did you get out of the village?" Emily asked.

"I asked the way and walked out by myself."

He raised his head and smiled dumbly. His eyes were as those of a puppy waiting to be praised for doing something right. Clearly, he craved her approval.

Her heart softened. Although he hadn't told her the details of his journey, she could see how difficult it had been. He was just a teenager with a low IQ, and he must have suffered a lot during his rough journey. Secretly she was impressed by his tenacity.

"Donny, you have done a good job. You're really something!" she praised him.

"Mommy! Who is he?" Beryl had been tired of chasing pigeons. So when she had noticed that Emily was talking with a stranger, she had walked over at once and now looked at her mother curiously.

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