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   Chapter 607 The Answer She Wanted

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 7857

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Jacob held her soft hands tightly wrapped in his own large hands. He looked into Emily's clear and pretty eyes, and soothed her, "Everything's fine now!"

Although he could not tell the reason for her fearfulness, he knew how to comfort her, and make her feel safe.

She drew courage from his presence and warm assurance. Holding onto his hands with her own, their fingers formed a tangled web, making it impossible to tell where he stopped and she began. Emily asked then, to assure herself and explain to him, "Jacob, you will not disappoint me, right?"

She still remembered their shared promise, that they would reveal to each other all their secrets once this was finished.

She hoped that he would then give her the answer she wanted.

"Yes! I promised you," he answered her without hesitation. He looked into her starry eyes and said, "So did you."


Jacob became busy after returning to the Gu Consortium.

Emily silently counted the days. What she didn't know was that Sean had been calling her, but had not reached her as Jacob had ordered his calls blocked.

Magee, meanwhile, was considering what Jacob's plan was, given his new actions. Secretly he sneered at Jacob, but made no move against him either.

Magee continued to drive out seeking fun as usual.

He was out and about searching for entertainment, but became distracted by a woman as he was waiting for a red light.

"Mr. Lin! Mr. Lin! It's me!" The woman was a mess, and she ran up to his car and began pounding against his window desperately, leaving fist prints in ash and grime on the pristine surface of his vehicle.

He didn't even acknowledge her but revved his car instead, anticipating the light change. He seemed about to drive through the red light, but he didn't care at all.

The woman, however, ran fearlessly out in front of his car.

Subconsciously he hit the brakes. She was lightly deflected by the bumper and slid to the ground upon impact. Fortunately she was uninjured.

Regaining her feet she continued pounding on the bonnet vigorously, yelling, "It's me! Mr. Lin! Don't you remember me? It's me, Cherry!"

He grew tired of the scene she was causing. Slowly opening the window he looked at her dirty face, and exclaimed, "Fuck off!"

His reaction was a big blow for her. Tears filled her eyes and she cried, "How can you


The butler considered the woman squirming on the floor in pain, and a hint of trepidation flashed in his eyes. He swallowed fearfully and then answered, "This is our new maid, but I don't know why she would come in here. It's my fault that I didn't teach her the rules better."

Unimpressed by the explanation, Magee interrupted coolly, "I don't want to see this woman again."

"Yes, sir!" The butler nodded reverently, then quickly called the servants to come, and they dragged the woman away.

"Mr. Lin! Mr. Lin!" She could not accept this treatment. Magee had turned into an abominable heart-breaker for her, and she kept yelling, "How could you do this to me? I had your baby!"


The butler paused when he heard this. He didn't know what to do with this woman next, so he asked for Magee's instruction with an expectant look.

There was not even a hint of euphoria flashing on Magee's face. Instead he asked sarcastically, "My baby?"

Cherry thought this was a good opportunity and nodded strongly. She answered, "Yes! Yes! Your baby! I had your baby!"

He stalked towards her and looked at her flat belly. His charming eyes narrowed, with a hint of danger sparkling in their depths. He asked, "My baby? So where is my baby?"

She subconsciously held her belly. His glare was as sharp as a sword, as if his eyes could stab through her belly and disembowel her lies.

She faltered, "The baby... I had an accidental miscarriage."

"Oh, yeah?" He was still staring at her belly, as if he considered stepping on it at any second.

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