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   Chapter 604 Are You Afraid Of Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10435

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Jacob didn't think he had said anything wrong. He looked at Emily insouciantly and said, "Come on, tell her."

He wanted Emily to remind Jennifer what he had told her before.

Emily recalled their conversation on the phone the other day and repeated his words, "You said, one day you would make her kneel down on her knees and beg for your forgiveness."

"You are such a clever girl," Jacob praised Emily and kissed her on he cheek casually. His affectionate behavior towards Emily tickled everyone's fancy.

The look on Jennifer's face upon seeing their intimate behavior, was nothing short of a thunderstorm. "Jacob, do you want to remain a loser for the rest of your life? Don't you want the Gu Consortium? Can't you see, without your power and authority, you are nothing!"

Jacob did not take her seriously at all and he did not pay heed to a single word she said. It seemed as though Jennifer's advice had fallen on deaf ears. "Are you deaf? Have you not heard what I've said?"

Jennifer had no idea what he was talking about. "What?"

Jacob looked down at her and replied, "Kneel down to me, then I will consider accepting your suggestion."

"No way!" Feeling belittled, Jennifer got angry at Jacob and said, "Do you think that you are still the master of the Gu Consortium? If it weren't for Mr. Gu, I would never have come here. This is your one big chance to come back. If you don't take it, you will never come across another one like it again."

Jacob looked at her sarcastically as if she were a fool and scoffed, "Do you think I need a chance? Well, Miss Jiang, it seems that you don't have a clear grasp on reality. You are the one who came here to beg me."

Jennifer glared at Jacob doubtfully and said, "I don't believe that you don't want to go back to the Gu Consortium..."

Jacob had run out of patience. He no longer wanted to waste his time arguing with her. "I will give you three seconds to think about it."

Jennifer stood up straight as if to keep her head held high. It was the only way she could preserve her dignity. "Jacob, you better get this in your head. There is no way I am going to kneel down to you..."

"Three, two, one," Jacob insensitively disregarded Jennifer and counted to three. "Your time is up," he added, before he held Emily's hand and walked away with her.

Jennifer didn't expect him to go away in such a firm way as if he didn't care about the Gu Consortium at all. She ran after him, yelling, "Jacob! Jacob! Don't you want to be the president of the Gu Consortium? Do you really expect me to believe that you're going to walk away from your parents' company? You must be kidding me!"

The man was so undaunted by her words that he strode forward, head held high, refusing to look back at her. Jacob's blithe dismissal broke down Jennifer's confidence.

"Shut the door," Jacob ordered the guards.

Shut out, Jennifer stomped her feet on the ground angrily and said to her men, "Let's go! We're wasting our time."

The mere thought of falling to her knees in front of Jacob and Emily, begging for mercy, was enough to give her a nervous brea

sense of resentment, as though she would drown if she did nothing to vent it.

Jacob had utterly dismembered her pride and dignity. This humiliation would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Inside the mansion, Emily stood at the window in silence, looking at the woman kneeling in front of the door.

Jacob lifted his hand and started twirling a strand of her fragrant hair between his fingers. He followed her sight and cast a cold glance at Jennifer. "What's up? Are you feeling bad for her?"

Emily shook her head and then answered, "No."

She would rather die than sympathize with Jennifer. Everyone should bear the consequences of their actions. It was a price everyone had to pay.

Moreover, she knew that Jennifer had something to do with what had happened to her at the banquet. That day she had been knocked out of her senses and kidnapped. Perhaps Jennifer was the person responsible for it all.

This malicious snake of a woman did not deserve Emily's sympathy. Emily was just wondering what Jacob's purpose was for shaming Jennifer. Did he do that to impress Emily?

Was he taking revenge on Jennifer for what she had done to Emily? Or was Emily just wishfully flattering herself?

Have noticed her pensive look, Jacob poked her cheek with his thin finger and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Immediately, Emily came back to herself. She peered deep into the man's dark eyes and whispered, "I'm thinking about you. Why are you acting so strange today? Don't you..." 'Don't you hate me now?'

Emily finished the rest of her words in her heart because she was afraid that the truth might be too hard for her to accept. So she decided to stop questioning him.

Instead of giving her an answer, Jacob gazed at her for a moment before he suddenly moved a step closer towards her.

Emily subconsciously stepped back and murmured, "You..."

Jacob stretched out his long arms and wrapped it around Emily's thin waist. Before she knew it, he pressed her to his bosom. Then he lowered his head and whispered in her ears, "Are you afraid of me?"

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