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   Chapter 603 Jennifer Crazy

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Mr. Gu didn't see it as a big deal, and he asked, "Why? What's wrong?"

"I don't want to do it!" Jennifer clenched her teeth and angrily stood up. Hatred filled her eyes, and she continued, "He's gonna destroy my dignity. Do you really want him to treat me like that?"

"Your dignity?" He pondered her choice of words for a while, then he gave her a meaningful smile before hissing at her, "What do you think you are? If you don't have the ability to deal with this tiny matter, why would I still need you?"

When she saw a hint of derision flashing in Mr. Gu's old eyes, her heart sank. She bit her lips and said, "But what about my baby? This is your baby, the real posterity of the Gu Family. Do you really want your baby and its mother to suffer insult from Jacob?"

Jennifer shamelessly used the baby, which she had already lost, as an excuse to try and change his mind.

But his face, full of wrinkles, showed no signs of mercy. He saw through her trick and pinched her soft white face, half smirking.

"You have no right to offer refusal. Do you understand? There are lots of women in the world, Jennifer. You are not my only option. Does my indulgence of your whims numb your mind? You don't seem to realize what it is that you are, do you?"

Her heart sank deeper and deeper.

Mr. Gu had only ever seen her as the disposable toy or puppet for him to play with, and she was easily replaced, should he wish so. She was not, as she had mistakenly believed, the hostess of the Gu Family.

'You old asshole! Damn you! Why do you still live?' she mentally swore at him.

This moment had brutally uncovered all the deceit and fallacies which he had convinced her of. She felt that this old man, the patriarch of the Gu Family, had completely and almost negligently smashed her dignity to pieces.

But she had no choice now, except to pick up the remnants of her ambitions and survive. Complaining would not help at all, so she conceded carefully, "I understand, Mr. Gu!"

If you wanted to rise to the top, the first lesson you needed to learn was to swallow humiliation before tasting success.

Taking a deep breath to calm her inner rage, she assumed the gentle look which the old man liked. "I am at your disposal."

Mr. Gu, satisfied with her answer, patted her cheek, and said, "Good girl!"

Outwardly she maintained the compliant look, but inside she choked on disgust for him.

'You old ass! You think you are still charming at this age? Shame on you! Look at your wrinkled face! It would take an iron to straighten them out enough to see your faded youth again, ' she mentally spewed forth all the insults which she wished she could utter, but dared not.


Jennifer came to see Jacob with her subordinates the next day. She arrived at the villa where Jacob now lived, Tyrone Mansion.

She stood and waited at the gate while the servant went to inform Jacob. Her brain was running in overdrive while considering ideas of what to say to him, and how to phrase it so that she might preserve her dignity. She did not intend to let him have the smug satisfaction of seeing her suffer derision.

A few minutes later the servant returned and announced in a very businesslike tone, "Miss Jiang, I'm sorry to tell you that Mr. Jacob doesn't want to see you today."

"That's impossible!" Jennifer blurted in disbelief. Brusquely she asked the servant, "How could that be possible? You didn't tell him that I'm here, did you? Who ordered you to do so?"

"Mr. Jacob told me in person that he doesn't want to see you."

"I don't believe you! Someone asked you to say so, right? It's that bitch Emily. Right?"

Ignoring her, the

like searing fire to Jennifer, and she lowered her head instinctively. Then she forced her head in the air and pretended to be supercilious. Summoning her last weapon, she yelled, "Jacob, do you still want to go back to the Gu Consortium?"

He didn't answer her, but instead held Emily's waist as he walked her towards the gate. Careful of her small steps, he walked slowly, supporting her.

They looked like the most perfect couple in the world, both inside and out. Reaching the gate they stopped.

Jennifer, standing outside the iron gate, stared at them with wide eyes. Intense anger had burst a vein in her left eye, and she seemed about to explode.

Jacob was the perfect example of handsome, as usual. He was like an emperor, and equally untouchable. Emily, on the other hand, stood quietly beside him, like a lily with pure untouched pride.

What a perfect and decent couple they were!

Jennifer, however, was in a mess. Her hair was disheveled and her makeup was ruined, not to mention her rude manner. She looked like a drowned mouse. Her appearance was so awkward and ridiculous.

Despite the burning jealousy in Jennifer's eyes, she still managed a disdainful look, and then she said, "Jacob, are you deaf?"

He finally spared her a look when she spoke, and he mocked, "I guess you have forgotten what I told you before. Is anything wrong with your brain?"

She choked on his reminder, and at a loss for words she could only glare at him angrily.

"What the hell happened to your memory? You still don't remember anything, do you?" Jacob continued sneering at her. His eyebrow rose and he turned to Emily who he still held in his arms, and asked, "Honey, would you tell her what I said just the other day?"

"What?" Emily was so shocked when Jacob called her 'honey' that she stuttered. She choked on her saliva and pointing to herself in doubt, asked, "You, are you talking to me?"

"Who else here I would call 'honey'? Her?" He frowned with displeasure, but then he stroked Emily's hair and said, "You're not used to it?"

It was really a magic day for Emily. Everything was too perfect to be true. She nodded blankly, wondering if she were dreaming.

"You will get used to it over time. I'll call you that everyday from now on, honey."

Everyone could feel Jacob's love for Emily, despite his domineering tone. Nobody would have expected that he would show his love for her in public all of a sudden.

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