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   Chapter 602 That Promiscuous Bitch!

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"I..." Emily thought to herself that it was a waste of time to get angry with Jennifer, but she was at a loss for words when she saw that Jacob was even angrier than she was.

She looked like a lost puppy to him, and he couldn't resist stroking Emily's head softly. In a cold and tough voice he said, "If she calls you again, you should teach her a lesson. Remember? Let her know you are not a wuss. Don't embarrass me!"

How could he stand Jennifer bullying his woman?

Shocked at his words, Emily nodded glumly. "Okay!" she answered.

His eyes sparkled with cold disdain and he said, "What's more, I'm not a paper tiger."

Bewilderment appeared in her eyes. 'Does he mean that I can ask him for help when I'm in trouble?' she thought to herself.

"Nobody can bully you except for me." Having finished speaking, Jacob left abruptly. He was not aware that his ears had turned red and the way he walked was unnatural.

Standing quite still her eyes followed him as he went upstairs. She bit her lip and wondered over the change in Jacob recently.

Given her past failures with him, she no longer looked forward in anticipation, nor fostered any expectations. Her heart could not bear another great blow by suffering the pain of hope.

Emily decided to observe his change for a few days.


Jacob never made fake promises. After he told Jennifer that she would beg him for mercy, the Gu Consortium encountered a crisis of unprecedented scale a few days later.

Everyone in the Gu Consortium was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks, including Jennifer. She worked tirelessly everyday to solve the crisis, but nothing changed.

The high-level employees in the company were already dissatisfied with Jennifer when she took Jacob's job, but they hid their dissatisfaction out of respect for Mr. Gu. This crisis, however, reignited all of their discontentment. They strongly demanded Jacob's return.

At this juncture, Jennifer finally realized the scope of the trouble which Jacob had left for her. But it had cost her so much to take this job. How could she reconcile herself to give it up? So she refused their demands and decided to try to resolve the troubles by herself.

ed by the instant benefits."

Mr. Gu finally saw through Jacob's tricks now. He had become too old to face Jacob's dealings with full energy. This had provided an opportunity through his omission.

And Jacob took advantage of it before Mr. Gu was aware.

No wonder everything had gone so smoothly. They thought they had Jacob under control, but they fell into his trap instead.

"A trap? What do you mean, Mr. Gu?" Jennifer couldn't get it.

Mr. Gu didn't care whether she understood it or not. He only wanted her as a puppet under his control. If she understood too much, she would have lost her value to him. "Just do what I tell you," he ordered.

He didn't want the Gu Consortium to end up under Jacob's control, which was why he fought against him. As a result, he had fallen into Jacob's trap.

Jacob had set the ball in motion before he left, and now everything was going according to his plan.

'Alas! I was so careless this time, ' Mr. Gu thought to himself.

'Enjoy your smugness, Jacob! It doesn't matter. For now, I will give you what you want, ' he had a plan in mind already.

Jennifer was reluctant. She frowned tightly, her eyes burning with anger. "Mr. Gu, do you really want me to go to see him? Last time, Jacob said that he wanted me to kneel and beg him for mercy..."

Mr. Gu's demand that she go to see Jacob had cast her dignity to the ground. He was letting Jacob and Emily, the two bastards, trudge it into the mud.

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