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   Chapter 601 Why Didn't You Talk Back

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Jacob decided not to pressure himself so much and put the paper aside for later. 'As long as I can get the chip out of my brain, I'm sure to remember everything again!' Determined to return to his old self, Jacob was finally taking a step towards the right direction.

He feared losing himself to insanity if he insisted on cramming his brain with all those memories and information.

Jacob did not want to hurt Emily anymore.

He might not love Emily or have romantic feelings for her but she was still the mother of his child. 'I don't think I would have allowed her to have my baby if I did not love her.

For the sake of Beryl, I will make sure that Emily will have a wealthy life forever, ' Jacob swore to himself.

However, Jacob had not yet disclosed any of this to her since he wanted to make it up to her with actual deeds instead of just words. 'As for an apology...

I don't think a simple word can quantify my remorse. So from now on, I'll be sure to give her anything she wants as an apology for my actions!'

Jacob lovingly rubbed her back and said, "Let's go inside, okay? It's starting to get chilly out here."

Emily, however, did not greet Jacob with the same affection. Instead, she pushed him away violently as if Jacob was her sworn enemy.

"You are not Jacob! Who on earth are you? How dare you pretend to be him! Guards! Guards!" Emily cried for help.

"If I'm not Jacob, then who am I?" Jacob did not feel angry but continued resignedly with smile, "So, what's this now? You must be finding it hard to believe me because for once I'm actually treating you nicely, unlike how I've treated you for some time now, right?"

Emily became more nervous and she asked vigilantly, "So, why do you want to treat me nicely now?" Jacob's unpredictable behavior made Emily feel doubtful and terrified as if something bad was bound to happen any minute.

It was true. Emily had grown so accustomed to his ill-treatment that she assumed Jacob must have a hidden agenda for behaving the way he did.

Having seen Emily's reluctance to trust him, Jacob could not help feeling disappointed and he pressed his lips into a thin line.

Jacob knew that it was all his fault and Emily was justified to doubt him.

All the while, Emily had a vigilant look on her face, as if she were ready to defend herself when the time came.

Jacob felt disappointed, put to shame by his own deeds, but his flawless facade masked his true feelings and he spoke arrogantly, "I will do whatever my heart desires. If I punish yo

! Don't interfere with our lives! Only then I will consider giving back his old position in the company. Besides, you don't want him to become a pauper, right? Moreover, Jacob had a great contribution in making Gu Consortium the lucrative company that it is today. It's the only thing he has left from his parents. Do you really believe that Jacob would willingly give up on his parents' legacy?"

Emily couldn't deny that Jennifer had some good points, and she stood there for a while in silence, with the phone in her hand.

"Hey, you. Did you hear me?" Jennifer derived great pleasure from Emily's misfortune.

Emily's nose twitched in anger, and she was about to say something when suddenly someone took the phone away from her hand.

Benumbed, she stared at the man in awe, having failed to notice that he had been standing there for a while. When Jacob took over, all he had to give Jennifer was a venomous outburst of anger.

"Jennifer, you seem to have a lot of spare time in your hands. But if I were you, I would be worried about that old man's poor health, because once he is dead, you will get nothing left in the company! How dare you threaten my woman in my own house? Never mind. Soon, you will be on your knees begging for my forgiveness."

Jacob hung up on Jennifer's face as soon as he finished talking.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was so enraged by Jacob's arrogance that she ended up breaking the tea cup she was carrying in her hand the whole time.

Emily stared at Jacob from the side, amazed by his selflessness. However, Jacob responded with a disappointed expression on his face.

"She is just a bitch! You know that very well. Why didn't you talk back?"

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