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   Chapter 597 Courtesy Demands Reciprocity

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Turning around, Jacob saw Emily's oblivious countenance. Annoyance flashed in his eyes, and he instructed her,"You go sit over there."

Tired of standing, she found a empty seat nearby and obliged him. Her eyes were vague and indifferent, as if the world around her held no interest to her at all.

While Jacob was talking to the others, he glanced at her from time to time. But she didn't seem to notice that. Instead Emily only stared at the delicate dessert on her plate.

This woman didn't take him seriously.

Was the dessert so good looking?

Why was she so interested in that stupid dessert like she had never eaten or even seen it before?

The CEO, who was talking with Jacob, noticed his distraction, and unconsciously followed his sight. He was shocked to behold the quiet beauty that held Jacob's attentions. Emily was clearly a woman of refinement.

A second later, the CEO felt sharp eyes resting on him and he stiffened. A terrible cold feeling spread along his back and he smiled carefully before flattering Jacob.

"Mr. Jacob's girlfriend is so beautiful. I am wondering, when can we attend your wedding feast?"

"Wedding feast?" Upon hearing these two words, Jacob was momentarily startled. He puzzled for an instant over the strange feeling in his heart. It felt as if a tiny sparrow was jumping up and down in his chest.

He unwittingly looked at Emily again. She had cast her eyes downward, in silent contemplation of some unknown topic. He didn't like not knowing her mind, because it left him greatly frustrated.

"Never talk about our wedding feast. She is just an ordinary woman."

His statement drew a couple of surprised gasps, quickly stifled by the gathering who feared his wrath. There was no uproar, but many people suppressed their turbulent reactions to his poor choice of words.

Didn't Mr. Jacob love Miss Cloris most? Now that didn't seem to be the case.

Was his implied meaning that she was not qualified to marry him? That he only treated her as his mistress?

The single female celebrities present became quite excited. They felt that opportunity was looming.

Jennifer stood on the other side, and she was also shocked by his words.

As to how much he liked

, Jennifer signaled her men, whispered instructions to them, and then her eyes smiled with a strange satisfaction.

During the party, Emily got up and left for the bathroom.

Her face was lovely in the mirror, but her eyes were dull and vacantly staring back at her in the mirror. There wasn't any spirit left in them. Almost unable to recognize herself in the mirror Emily felt a surreal out-of-body sensation.

Before long, the time she agreed with Sean would come. If she really gave herself to him, would she completely forget herself?

She stared mutely at her reflection for a long while, then washed her hands and left the bathroom.

As Emily stepped from the bathroom, a strange man obstructed the way ahead of her. Before she could even look at his face, a hand was clamped over her mouth. It was wet and smelled foul.

The pungent and unpleasant odor invaded her nasal cavities and lungs. Dizzy suddenly, her vision blurred as she faded from consciousness.

She collapsed into the man's arms and she could vaguely hear him speak to someone else.

"Mr. Jacob is so generous. Has he really agreed to give this woman away as a gift for our boss? Fucking unbelievable!"

"He's a man anyway. Our boss has also prepared many young models for him. One good turn deserves another. This is reciprocity."

Mr. Jacob and the boss...

Emily's heart sank into fathomless depths then. Within a second, her world turned completely dark and she knew no more pain then.

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