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   Chapter 596 Nothing in the World Could Save Her

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Jacob finally let go of Emily after all pictures were burnt to ashes and the fire had died out. All that remained was a faint glow of embers.

The well of Emily's tears had run dry but the silence of her cry was far worse than a tantrum or a scream. She gathered the ashes of whatever she could salvage.

Jacob watched her from a close distance, feeling extremely annoyed by her melodramatic display and said, "What's the point of collecting ashes? Look at your dirty hands!"

"Who cares? I am already a dirty woman in your eyes," Emily murmured as she picked up all the ashes from the floor.

Jacob's eyes became dark with disappointment and he said, "You're right. Not many women could hide another man in their room and get away with it like you did."

Emily cast a scornful glimpse at Jacob, masking her shock with anger. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Well, then I suggest you ask your lover how he felt after watching our show just now." Jacob grinned arrogantly.

"You did that on purpose?" Emily's mouth was like a cave as she stood dumbfounded.

Emily bit her lip tight as she finally understood why Jacob had been behaving like that just now.

'Jacob, is this your new-found way of humiliating me and dragging me to the mud in front of people?' she sighed in disappointment.

Emily bit down so hard she left teeth marks on her lips. Jacob felt angrier because Emily tried to lie to him so he said, "So what if I did that on purpose? As long as you stay in this villa, you must follow each and every single one of my rules. You must do as I say!"

Jacob was certain that Emily would never leave so he had her trapped in his webs.

No matter what he did, or what he would do, Emily would never leave him.

If there was anything Jacob was certain of in his entire life it was this fact, even though he did not know why. Jacob felt as though Emily was just a stone in his hand. As long as he did not throw it away, the stone wasn't going to go anywhere.

"Fine. Got it," she said. Emily clenched the ashes in her hand and lowered her head to hide the sorrow in her eyes. "So may I go to sleep now, Mr. Jacob?"

Jacob's eyes widened and he yelled at her, "Throw away those ashes and get your hands cleaned, now!"

Emily clenched her teeth and eventually threw the ashes into the trash bin.

"Are you satisfied now, Mr. Jacob?"

"I am very satisfied. Now get out my sight," he said contemptuously. Jacob wore a sardonic smile on his face but his eyes were devoid of warmth.

'What's wrong with me? I don't feel happy when Emily disobeys me and I don't feel any diff

though she was nothing. No one could really hurt Emily except Jacob now.

"Fine, if you say so. I don't really care what you think about me." Emily spoked with a straight face.

"You..." Jennifer stuttered angrily.

"Shut up, Jennifer." Jacob's cold voice caught her attention.

Fear came over Jennifer, as she felt paralyzed by the look of intimidation in Jacob's cold eyes. She wasn't quite finished with her words, but she decided to keep them bottled down.

Jennifer did not want to quarrel with them in public so she sneered distastefully and turned around to walk away in her high heels.

Emily's observant eyes caught sight of Jennifer's slightly rounded belly. 'Jennifer, you are really pregnant, ' Emily wondered. Looking pensive, her eyebrows creased, but when she saw Jennifer wearing high heels, she assumed that Jennifer was not particularly fond of the baby she was carrying in her womb.

'Anyway, it's none of my business, ' Emily dismissed her thoughts.

Jacob had no valid reasons for bringing Emily to the party, but he decided against letting the thought linger in his mind.

Jacob seemed happy to walk hand in hand with Emily as he greeted the other guests in the party. He felt a deep sense of satisfaction when everyone praised Emily's beauty.

But soon Jacob became annoyed as many people would stare at Emily, smiling at her indecently.

'How dare they stare at my Emily like that! Damn them all!'

Jacob held back as long as he could, but his face quickly darkened and his eyes were cold as ice, which frightened the people around him.

Everyone smiled at Jacob and treated him with extra caution. People found his temperamental disposition to be ticking time bomb that could go off any moment.

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