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   Chapter 595 Cruel Omen

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When Emily tired to pick up the last picture, a high-grade leather shoe stepped on her hand. The pressure wasn't enough to hurt her but just sufficient enough to stop her from picking the picture up.

Emily's blood ran cold. Her eyes and her mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, and even though she was staring straight at Jacob she appeared not to notice him at all.

"Don't even think about it." Jacob retrieved his foot and continued in a cold voice, "Give them to me."

Emily had a bad feeling as she hid the pictures in her arms subconsciously and asked, "You... What do you want to do with these pictures?"

"I just want to have a look," Jacob said slowly, staring deep into Emily's eyes.

Emily looked away as if to hide from his eyes and said, "There is nothing to look..."

She was afraid that the pictures would awaken the monster hidden dormant inside Jacob's mind.

There was a time when Emily wished nothing more than for Jacob to regain his memories of the past, but now, she had come to fear that very wish.

Emily feared that Jacob would act like he did the last time she tried helping him remember the past. She had every reason to be fearful of that moment, because once Jacob lost control over himself, he would start to hurt himself and those around him.

Most importantly, she was afraid that the intense stress put on Jacob's mind would drive him mad and she would lose him forever, just as Sean had told her.

"What's wrong?" Jacob's eyes were full of skepticism and he continued, "Are you so embarrassed of what's in those pictures that you don't want others to see them? Or is it just me?"

"No, no, of course not..." she said.

"Well, then show me. I'm quite curious to see them now," he said.

Jacob tried to snatch those pictures from Emily's hands but they fell down to the ground again. He looked at those pictures carefully and knitted his eyebrows subconsciously as if he had seen something that displeased him.

Jacob's eyes became gloomy and his face darkened which meant that a storm was brewing over the horizon.

His eyes were like fire, burning through those pictures, one at a time.

Fortunately, Jacob did nothing to those pictures.

Something strange seemed to have come over Jacob, as he picked up all the pictures and safely put them back in the case before he put it back where he found it.

Feeling relieved, Emily sighed and smiled. But her smile died just as soon as it had formed on her face, when Jacob threw her to the bed.

A scream dragged up her throat as Jacob pinned her down to the bed. Sh

"No! No! You can't! Those were our old pictures..." The enormity of her grief was apparent.

"So that's why they should be burnt! Anyway, I don't want to keep any pictures with a woman like you!"

Emily stopped struggling in his arms baffled by his words. "Please! Stop please..." she begged him.

Every word Jacob said was like a knife stabbing into Emily's heart.

For the first time since she decided to help Jacob, Emily finally started to question her own resolve...

The toxic relationship between them could only bear fruits of despair and desolation. And Emily had grown tired of fighting a losing battle.

"Our pictures... They are all gone," she said under the breath. Benumbed, Emily watched as the pictures turned to ashes right before her eyes. She didn't have any tears left to shed.

Jacob wanted to put out the fire sooner even though, the pictures were influencing his emotions. He changed his mind, in the last minute when he realized just how much they meant to Emily.

Perhaps it was out of malice, or may be something else, but

Jacob just wanted to destroy something dear to Emily piece by piece.

However, much to his surprise, after he had accomplished what he had set out to do, he was no happier than he was before.

"They are just some pictures, that's all. They are not worth crying over. Don't pretend to be pathetic in front of me!" Jacob sneered and smiled at her contemptuously.

Emily looked at the ashes and said, "They weren't just any pictures..."

'They were the most precious memories of our past. They are the witnesses of our love. Now, they are all gone.' Emily was devoid of hope.

Emily felt as though this incident was a sign, forecasting the end of her and Jacob.

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