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   Chapter 594 A Big Secret

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Magee stared into her eyes and said, "You don't have to apologize to me. It was not your fault anyway."

Emily looked back at him and asked, "Why are you here? Did you come to see me for something?"

"Yes!" His eyes wasn't able to conceal the mixed feelings in the corner of his eyes. Magee continued, "Rose died in prison. I heard she spent her last moments in a great deal of pain."

Emily stood there frozen and shook her head in disbelief. All kinds of thoughts and emotions whirled in her head.

What was the last time she had thought of Rose? It was too long ago for Emily to remember.

Jack passed away, and now Rose had died as well. But the betrayal and pain they brought to her still remained. And yet none of that could even compare to the torture Emily was experiencing now.

No person could bear to watch the one they love turn into a complete stranger for the remainder of their lives.

"Are you upset?" Magee was puzzled by her reaction and said, "I thought you would be happy to hear about the death of the person you hated so much."

"I have neither the time nor the strength to think about other people's problems. The current predicament I'm in is overwhelming enough as it is." Emily slowly shook her head and continued, "Is that all you've come here to tell me?"

"Of course not." Despite being a smooth-talker with women, Magee stuttered in front of Emily, "I wanted to ask you an important question."


"Would you like to leave with me?"

"What are you talking about?" Emily's eyes widened and she could not believe what she had just heard from Magee.

Magee's ears turned red with embarrassment. He cleared his throat and asked seriously, "I said, would you like to leave this place with me?"

"No!" Emily refused him without a second thought, and she continued, "I don't know why you asked me that, but I hope you stay away from my personal matter. We should stay respect each other's boundaries as friends."

"You didn't even think about it!"

Magee sneered, bitterly laughing at himself. A touch of depression appeared in his eyes, and he asked, "He treats you badly, doesn't he? If you are having doubts about me because of your daughter, we can bring her along. You know I can hide you and your daughter from him."

e the closet, but she got nervous as he was about to open the closet. Her flawless facade masked her anxiety, as she walked towards Jacob and said, "We need to have a talk."

"A talk? What's it about?" Jacob stared at Emily, who stood between him and the closet. He squinted his black eyes at her as if he were looking for something.

Emily cackled with laughter and said, "Yes, of course! We haven't had a good talk in a while!"

Having noticed her slender eyelashes quiver, Jacob scoffed, "Are you nervous, Emily? Are you hiding something inside your closet?"

"No, I'm not," Emily answered, with a pale face.

Jacob sneered and pushed her away, before opening the closet. Emily's heart almost jumped out of her chest.

There was nothing inside the closet but clothes.

Jacob glanced around again just to be sure. When he saw a little case at the bottom, he reached for it and picked it up.

Before Emily could stop him from opening the case, it was already too late. Photos fell out of the case and spilled all over the floor like snowflakes.

Pictures from their pleasant past together.

The memories of which now carried a bitter taste in her mouth.

Her first reaction was to pick everything up. Emily knelt on the ground to pick them up, and held them in her arms, as though every picture was a priceless treasure.

When Jacob's sight swept through the pictures, the memories he had lost slowly appeared in his mind vividly, which hurt the nerves in his head and evoked his violent mood.

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