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   Chapter 590 She Gave Up Hope

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 7506

Updated: 2019-06-01 00:20

"Ah!" Pain throbbed so violently in Emily's head that it felt as if someone had taken a knife to her skull. Squeezing her eyes shut, Emily willed the pain to go away.

Emily was a helpless prisoner in her cage of pain.

She breathed deeply so as to calm herself down, but the longer the pain took to dissipate, the less calm she felt.

Time seemed to pass slower than usual as there was no light here.

After Emily had lost track of time, she could no longer tell what time of the day it was. She felt like someone had pushed her down the abyss, endlessly spiralling down into nothingness.

Why? Why would she have to suffer all this?

Had she done something wrong? All she wanted was to protect the one she loved so as to keep their love

ed up in his head, like a flood hitting all his nerves at once.

All the sweet and sour memories he had from the past came rushing into his head.

The excruciating pain made his face turn pale and the pain in his head came out like an uproar from his throat as he rolled around on the floor like a wounded animal.

What was that? Were these the memories he had lost?

He seemed to remember losing a great deal of memories from his past life. Who the hell was that person?


Jacob enunciated the name slowly in his mind as if it drained the life out of him to do so. "I remember."

'I'm sorry, my love.'

Emily thought she was hallucinating, so she stayed put like a lifeless doll.

What did she hear just now?

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