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   Chapter 589 You Are Insulting Me

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"Jacob, behave yourself please!" Anger at his insult made her breathing become ragged and her eyes gleamed red. "You are insulting me!" she added, greatly aggrieved by his suggestion.

"Insulting?" He turned slowly, regarding her like she were a puppet at an amusement park who had just cut her own strings. "So you know what 'insult' means? I once believed that you didn't. And that was why you were willing to do those disgusting things?"

Her eyes narrowed upon hearing of his low regard for her, and her breath caught in her throat as she bit off an angry retort. Finally, she could restrain herself no longer and yelled at him in a hoarse voice, "Get out now!"

"You took my daughter to see your ex-boyfriend just the other day. Now you've found her a new daddy. Just how many men are you hiding from me? Can't I satisfy you in bed? Do you have to look elsewhere?" he raged back at her.

"Get out! Jacob, get out of here. Right now! I don't want to hear any more of your insults!" she howled.

Every single word he spoke was a knife which plunged deep into her heart, leaving gaping holes that bled violently.

There wasn't even any point in trying to refute his accusations anymore, and she just didn't have the energy to try either.

However, he sneered and continued without another thought, "Get out? You just cheated me for another man. How dare you tell me to get out? From my own home? Emily, I have surely never seen a woman as brazen and arrogant as you!"

Rage made her body tremble violently and she couldn't find any more words to utter.

Seeing her speechless like this, stirred his anger further.

He didn't stop to consider whether his temper was out of jealousy or just a result of the attack on his honor. Either way, he felt a fury building that needed release. Then he lost his self-control, and closed in on her.

He considered punishing her in bed, which was sure to alleviate his anger, but thinking of her poor health, he reluctantly gave up on that idea.

After a moment's thought he unceremoniously grabbed her and flung her tiny frame over his shoulder before heading downstairs.

Surprised and embarrassed, she struggled in his grip and yelled at him, "Jacob! What on earth do you want to do? Put me down right now!"

"Clap!" He casually slapped her buttock and threatened, "Quiet now! Otherwise, I swear I'll lash your bum till it's swollen!"

Her face flushed crimson at the shame of being beaten by him in public. He, however, seemed to enjoy this new type of punishment and slapped her again and again!

All the maids lowered their heads as he carried her past, pretending not see

s. Still you chose to leave me down here... Why? Why? Why would you treat me this way?' she cried behind her tightly shut eyelids.

Considering her fate in the subterranean room, her heart broke as if shredded by beastly claws. She suffered the lacerations of a soul disappointed beyond relief. 'Jacob, did you ever like me for even just one moment?' she mourned.

It was a painful discovery, that she was not as strong as she had believed herself to be, and she could not hold on any longer. For such a long time she had hid the burdens of being his lover and carried on without complaint, but now she was irreparably hurt by his behavior.

She was afraid. She was really afraid.

She was afraid that she might give up at any time.

Their unrequited love had become an unbearable burden...

The room was filled with a deathly silence and a darkness that only hell itself could have birthed. Her own breathing seemed to have become unnaturally sharp in her own ears.

She felt as if a weight had settled onto her chest, making her breathing difficult and a bitter gloom took up residence in her mind.

Her mind rushed back to her childhood, but was railroaded by the painful memories of the kidnapping she had suffered as a child. Again and again she replayed the early trauma in her mind.

Fear made her remember every painful detail of that frightful event. She could recall so distinctly the sound of her kidnappers' voices and laughter. The weeping of the other children. The sound of the dying girls breathing their last painful breaths... Of course, she would never forget the look of vicious disdain that her neighbors had for her after her rescue. It was as if they blamed her for the ordeal!

Everything was finally driving her mad!

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