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   Chapter 587 Women Are Women

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Beryl struggled to hide her disappointment from her young face. Still, she comforted herself in a low voice, "It's okay. It's okay. At least, Mommy is here to accompany me. Mommy had said that Daddy was very busy with his work..."

"So he is so busy that he can't even join a family activity, right? Well, maybe, who knows?" Magee remarked ironically, as he knew that Jacob was not busy at all. Perhaps Jacob just did not want to waste time on Beryl and Emily.

Wistfully he thought that Jacob was not suffering from a memory disorder, but was a complete idiot instead! Otherwise, how could he treat his family in this way?

'Jacob, since you do not cherish what you have, I would be very glad to help you cherish them, ' he thought slyly.

Beryal stared at him, stunned, as she did not understand what he meant. "What do you mean by that, Uncle Magee?" she asked in confusion.

"Nothing important," he said evasively. He didn't want her to be unhappy and as he bent to stroke her head, he said, "Your daddy is very busy today. So how about you and I play together for a while, okay?"

However, she became very vigilant upon hearing what he said and countered, "No."

"Why?" he asked in confusion.

Quick minded despite her tender years, she did not answer his question but instead stated, "You want to be my new Daddy, right?"

He was stunned by what she said, but soon he burst out into laughter and asked, "How could you think of me in that way?"

Pouting, the little girl replied, "Many people asked me the same question before. I know that they all like my Mommy. So they all want to be my new Daddy!"

"So who asked you this question before? Can you name them?" he asked, curious now.

"Uncle Jack, Uncle Sean and... I won't tell you!" she quickly covered her mouth with two little hands.

"Alright." He still could not help laughing and bantered, "So you think that everyone in the world must like your Mommy, right?"

The little girl nodded her head seriously as she said, "Of course! My Mommy is so beautiful and kind. Everyone must like her!"

"Yeah. You are right." He sighed slightly and continued, "Yes, she is really quite good."

'She is so good that I really envy Jacob. I even wish that I had been able to steal her away from him, ' he thought sadly. Therefore, Beryl's words were actually admitting Magee's secret desires in public.

But he did not want to be her new Daddy. He only longed to be Emily's soul mate,

immediately bruises were forming on his face and his lip had been split, releasing a trickle of blood.

Quickly realization dawned on Magee, and seeing Jacob he could not help feeling angry as he yelled, "Jacob, you must be crazy!"

Enraged, Jacob sneered darkly and without any warning sent another fist flying in Magee's direction! This time though, Magee was fully prepared so he deflected the blow and fought back.

Equally matched in size and skill, they were soon rolling on the floor like school-yard combatants in a deadly brawl! The two powerful men were reduced to tussling students, as they each tried to gain the upper hand.

"Daddy, Uncle Magee, stop fighting please!" Beryl called out in terror. She was so frightened by the violent scene that she almost cried, but then Emily took her away to safety.

Everyone was shocked and the teachers quickly moved all the kids to a safe area, which happened to leave the fighters more space to duel.

They fought fiercely, and both were bleeding now and their clothes were disheveled. Soon security guards and other fathers attending the day tried to separate them, but it took some doing. Only after several more deadly blows landed did they succeed in parting the combatants.

"Mr. Jacob, calm down please. We can talk at the table..." said a girl's father.

"Yes, Mr. Magee, calm down. Please..." said a boy's father.

"Let's calm down and have a drink... No! I'm sorry. Let's calm down and have a nice talk. Fighting does not fix anything..." the man added.

"Yes, everything can be fixed through talk. Do not frighten the kids please," added the girl's father.

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