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   Chapter 582 You Will Kneel Down By My Feet and Beg Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7648

Updated: 2019-05-30 03:07

Midnight in Tyrone Mansion.

The villa was quiet when Jacob returned reeking powerfully of alcohol. He was however not drunk, but quite sober.

"You are back." His ears recognized the gentle voice, and he felt some tiredness at the unanticipated late-night presence.

He frowned as he turned and saw Emily carefully carrying a pot of hot soup from the kitchen.

"I did not hire you as my cook. Are the maids all dead?" he scolded.

'What if she gets burnt by the hot pot?

Doesn't she remember that her hand is still injured? Is she so simple minded that she'd add new scars to her body? Such a twerp!' he mentally cursed her.

Stepping forward he took the still-boiling pot from her and asked in a resigned tone, "Where does it go?"

She paused for a moment then answered gently, "Put it on the table please."

Walking to the table he set it down with a loud thump. "It's late already. Why aren't you asleep with Beryl? Why are you making soup at this time of the night?" he asked in disgruntlement.

Lowering her eyes, she spoke in a low voice, "I made it for you."

He stared at her for a long while then replied with raw arrogance, "What do you want in exchange? Spell it out. But if you still want something ridiculous, like love, just save it."

Her expression remained unperturbed, but she shook her head and said, "I don't want anything. Try some please. It will help you sober up."

He sensed that something had changed in her, but what it was he couldn't even guess at. Turning his attention to the pot he lifted the lid and a delicious aroma wafted out from the bubbling liquid. Watching the contents he hesitated.

She laughed upon seeing his suspicious mind at work. Ladling a bowl of the soup she drank some. "I'm not such a vicious person that I would poison your soup," she said.

Suddenly, he caught her hand and pulled her into his arms, giving her a deep kiss.

"There. I tried it. Tastes delicious," he said with smile.

She did not react or reply, as if she was now completely used to his taking advantage of her.

He wanted to say more, but was distracted as he noticed the newspaper on the table. The title screamed in large and bold print-

Mr. Jacob of the Gu Consortium and Miss. Jennifer of the Jiang Family Showed up Together

r have had a tantrum like this.

All of sudden, she did not know what to do.

'Should I go to soothe him?

Will it make things even worse?

I'd better leave him alone for a while, ' she considered.

Finally, she chose not to follow him. What she could not know was that he walked extremely slowly in the hope that she would follow him and soothe his raw emotions.

'Three seconds. Within three seconds, if you come to apologize, I will forgive you. We can end the cold war we've been fighting, ' he promised himself.

One, two, three...

Three seconds passed but she did not follow him. And hope was replaced by anger.

'It's okay. It's okay. She always walks slowly.

I don't mind waiting for a little bit longer. But I will not wait for too long. Emily, you'd better come to me as soon as possible!' He grew desperate now, and could not comfort himself in her absence.

One, two, three... Three minutes passed.

Still there was no apology from her. Helplessly he turned back to find her. However, she had returned to the kitchen with the rest of the soup.

At this moment, he finally knew what "wishful thinking" meant as she did not want to apologize at all! 'Fine! Fine! Fine! Damn it!' his mind screamed.

He forged up the stairs with loud thumping steps, knocking over the vase atop the landing and breaking it in his wake.

'I will never be so stupid again. I won't give in to wishful thinking again!

Emily, you will kneel down by my feet and beg me one day!' he screamed into his mind.

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