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   Chapter 581 The Game Just Started

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7127

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With eyes falling on her belly, Jacob asked in an emotionless tone, "What are you trying to say?"

Jennifer was disappointed at the lack of expression on his face, but she raised her chin and said, "I'm carrying a baby of the Gu Family."

He asked sarcastically, "Is it that old man's bastard?"

His eyes, as sharp as a blade, cut into Jennifer, slicing her with scorn and leaving her embarrassed.

Then, straightening herself, she said, "That's none of your business! All you have to know is that the baby's family name will be Gu. And I don't care if you aren't his father."

"The bastard will never deserve a father like me."

As if taking no consideration of her claim, he sat back and gave her a cold stare. Then he said, "Get out, or I'll ask someone to take you out."

"Mr. Gu has given me half of his power. You cannot afford to make an enemy of me now."

"Finally, you expose your intention." Smiling sarcastically, he questioned her, "Well, it's not up to you to say who the bastard's father is. What if you just chose him to be your scapegoat?"

"You..." Anger spoiled her beauty as her face turned red at the insult.

"You want to stop me from taking an office in the firm, don't you?" "Of course you can take an office. Once you take a DNA test and prove it," he said with mock cheer. He casually swept the files aside, and didn't even spare her another look.


"After all, Mr. Gu is my elder. I would be overjoyed if he fathers a child in his late years. As a junior I should check on it for him though. Just in case someone unidentified blends in. Don't you think so?"

Her intention for coming had been nothing but to see how shocked and furious Jacob would become when he learned that she was pregnant. It was all about taking power from Mr. Gu. Her plan was frustrated by his lack of emotion though.

Instead his unmoved attitude almost drove her mad.

Clenching her teeth, she promised, "I'll take a DNA test. On condition that you keep me in the company."

He regarded her coolly as if she were making a joke or saying something mildly funny. "Jennifer, were you not quite p

discussion from the outside world, especially thousands of extremely excited netizens.

"Does Gu President refer to Jacob? Didn't he use he to be crazy about Emily? What happened between Jacob and this Miss Jennifer?"

"I heard that Miss Jennifer is the fiancée the Gu family chose for Jacob, but he firmly refused because of Emily. Now Emily has died and she is back."

"Is Emily really dead? I came across her in Jingshi City. She looked beautiful and elegant, as if she were a fairy."

"Emily died six years ago in a plane crash. Now the woman who is with Jacob is Cloris. She looks the same as Emily."

"It is incredible that Jacob can't get over a woman for so many years. It's said that Jack's suicide maybe had something to do with Emily."


Reading the newspapers, Jennifer let out a disgusted sneer.

So much time had passed, but still no one had figured out the fact that Cloris and Emily were the same person.

Why were all the men so crazily obsessed with that woman?

She had heard of Jack's suicide by jumping to his death, but she didn't feel even a little sad. Instead she despised him from the bottom of her heart.

After so many years, he still failed to get Emily. He was such a coward that he even committed suicide because of this.

If she were Jack, she would never have let her loved one go. Even if she had to descend into hell, she would make them keep her company.

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