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   Chapter 579 A Hellish Nightmare

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Having been ill for several days, Emily felt drowsy and slept often. When she was awake she asked for Jacob's company as having him close soothed her greatly.

Jack's death had a vast impact on her. After all, she had heard the thudding sound of his impact with the earth, after he jumped off the building. The echoes of that trauma lingered in her consciousness. When she closed her eyes, she heard it most clearly. It was a terrible sound to hear the snapping of bones and the squishing of flesh as a human body met an immovable surface.

She was tortured by it day and night, and she would often wake up in a sweat as she relived the terrible moment time and again.

As always she was haunted by the same nightmare and would awake in a state of extreme tension almost every night. Even when she slept, her eyes were scrunched tightly shut, as if she were faced by something horrible.

Jacob, having taken to sleeping next to her, awoke first as she cried out in her dreams. He held her tightly in his arms, warming her icy body with his own heat. Gently he stroked her hair to comfort her.

It seemed as if he were comforting a baby in its uneasy sleep.

"No! Don't leave me!" she begged in her dreams, her face pale and vulnerable.

Jack's death had cast such a scar upon her soul that she was constantly fearing Jacob being in danger. She dreaded that one day he might suffer the same horrible death as Jack...

Unfortunately, Jacob misunderstood her desperate words spoken in sleep. He mistakenly believed that she pined for Jack, and didn't want him to die. He believed that she still was unwilling to leave him!

Enraged at the thought that she could still have feelings for the dead bastard, he wanted to shout, but could not do so while she lingered in sleep. All that was left to him was to curse Jack over and over in his heart, and wish that he could have cut his mutilated body into a million pieces!

Grabbing Jacob's hands, Emily refused to let go. She bit into her lips in unconscious agitation until a thin line of red blood had spread to color her mouth.

She resembled a vampire beauty and he was struck by her morbid aesthetic appeal.

Despite his anguish at, what he saw as, rejection, he lowered his head and kissed her lightly. He opened her lips slightly to prevent her h

felt like a hellish nightmare.

She heard the doorknob turn then. The sound interrupted her bleak thoughts.

Her eyes instantly sought out the tall and handsome man whom she knew so well. He looked into her fearful and confused eyes and approached with his usual swiftness.

"Are you awake now?" asked Jacob.

He was dressed in dark blue leisure wear, with the zipper casually open, showing off his delicate clavicles and strong honey-colored chest. He was the image of striking sexiness and a whimsical hint of laziness.

His attractiveness was marred with a threatening rage that darkened his eyes though. It was clear that he was in a foul mood and very likely to blow up.

"Jacob..." she tried to speak, but her voice was hoarse and she struggled to talk. Choking weakly she coughed several times.

Frowning he poured her a glass of warm water. Reaching for it, her hand closed on nothing but air.

Barely awake, she was still a little confused and dull, so she didn't immediately understand what he intended.

Then she saw him pour the water into his own mouth and bend down to kiss her lips.

She felt the warm water trickle into her mouth.

Her face turned red, and she tried to turn her face away. He held her face tightly though, and she couldn't escape.

He transferred all the water to her mouth, and then French kissed her, as if sealing the transaction with interest.

The warm liquid moistened her parched throat and she drank it up like a sweet spring, finally letting out a deep sigh of contentment.

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