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   Chapter 578 If You Don’t Love Me

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 8876

Updated: 2019-05-29 07:03

Emily's eyes snapped open to a horror she could never imagine. Small ragged gasps escaped her mouth as Jacob squeezed his hands tighter around her throat. She clawed at his hands to pry his fingers away, but she was slowly losing strength. Black filled the edges of her vision as she looked at Jacob with desperation and the only thing she could hear was her own heartbeat.

Jacob, on the other hand, looked completely unmoved by her agony. With an unfeeling glint in his eyes, Jacob looked as though he had been possessed by the Devil himself, as he tightened his fingers around her esophagus.

All he knew was that he needed to kill this woman.

He needed to kill her so that no one could ever use her against him. As far as Jacob was concerned, Emily was his weakness, making him vulnerable to pain and suffering. The sooner he got rid of her the sooner he would find peace and s

ll live to a 100 years old.

We will always be with each other.

Nothing can stop us.'

Emily was about to fall asleep when Jacob kissed her again and asked, "You said you loved me…did you mean it?"

He would never ask her this question if Emily was in her normal state because he knew she would never tell him the truth.

"Of course I love you," Emily replied without any hesitation, "but you never believe me. You are such a fool, Jacob. Do you know that you will…you will…"

Jacob was thrilled to hear the answer, but he realized it was another weird answer. "I am going to what? Emily, go on."

"You will lose me forever someday." Emily's voice was getting weaker and weaker as if she was drifting off to sleep.

Jacob stopped her words with his gentle kiss. He pulled Emily into his chest and hugged her like it was the end of the world.

"No, I won't. Never."

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