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   Chapter 577 Jack's death

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9355

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Although, Jacob knew that he was being a neurotic person who was playing fast and loose, he was never going to admit his jealousy. He just peered deep into Emily's eyes trying to see through her emotions.

To his disappointment, however, her calm eyes gave him nothing.

He was the only person who cared about her, in his own deranged way.

This thought made Jacob feel a little embarrassed, as though he was being the immature child who was incapable of listening to reason. He dropped his eyelids, feeling ashamed at his own shortcomings.

Suddenly, Emily's cell phone rang while the two were in a standstill, and she answered it without looking at the screen. In the next second she heard the whirring wind ring through the line.

While Jack's eternally sad, hoarse voice, vaguely graced her ears. "Emily, this is probably the last time I am going to call you. I was really happy to see you yesterday, because you remembered me in your heart. Emily, I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me..."

Emily tightened her lips and kept silent.

Jacob standing right next to her heard Jack's voice too. His face clouded over in disappointment.

"Please say something, Emily. Please, I want to hear your voice..."

Emily took a deep breath and looked at Jacob, who was standing next to her with an unpleasant expression on his face, as if he was going to seize the phone in her hands and smashed it to pieces at any time. "No," she replied in a calm and cold tone.

Jack paused for a moment, and asked again, "Will you never forgive me?"

"Yes, I will never forgive you. Jack, it doesn't make any sense for us to bring up the past. You hurt my feelings and you killed my child. All of that happened and you can't fix that. So we should never go back to the past."

While listening to Emily, Jacob recalled what he had done to Emily and could not help feeling ashamed and panic-stricken. Jacob wondered if he had hurt her the same way as Jack did and whether she had taken any of it to heart or not.

"All of that happened and you can't fix that. So we should never go back to the past". Emily's words rang in his ears again and again.

But why was he showing remorse? Wasn't it his original intention to torture her? It was absolutely ridiculous for him to have feelings of regret and self-reproach.

On the other end of the line, Jack burst into laughter. Not out of joy but out of sadness and desperation. "What if I die? Would you forgive me then?" he whispered.

Emily shook her head with disappointment and said, "Are you threatening me? Are you resorting to emotional blackmail now?"

Jacob was amazed by his own ability to patiently sit through all the nonsense Jack was spewing at this foolish woman. The fact that he hadn't smashed her phone ye

worries had dissipated. Jealous had now replaced his worries filling his mind with poison.

Jack! It was all because of Jack!

Did she really care so much about that coward?

Did she suffer from a cardiac arrest because Jack died? Was she so distressed by his death that she had given up the will to live?

'So why did she show affection towards me before? She said that she only loved me, but she went to meet Jack behind my back. Her loving words were nothing but lies. I can't trust her anymore. She's an unfaithful woman, ' Jacob's mind brewed all sorts of negativity.

Soon, Emily was transferred to the general ward. Jacob stood at her bedside, looking at the unconscious woman with a disgusted look on his face. He was overwhelmed with doubt, anger and jealousy which slowly ate at his insides.

Since she had been disloyal to him and devoted to Jack, why was he still standing by her side? His thoughts did nothing but drag him into manic mood swings. Suffice it to say, the situation for him would worsen if he insisted on staying with her.

Perhaps the only way for him to find peace was to end her life...

Jacob's eyes were clouded by rage, and his heart seemed to be filled with hatred. He was as close as a person could come to being Devil incarnate.

A voice kept echoing in his mind.

'Kill her, Jacob. Kill her and you will be free.

As long as she is dead, she can never go to another man, and she won't care about another man too. As long as you kill her, she can't fool you with those damn sweet lies. As long as you kill her, she'll never be able to leave you, and she will be eternally obedient to you...'

An evil had manifested in Jacob's heart, and he slowly lost control over himself. He stretched out his slender fingers and wrapped them around Emily's delicate neck, tightening his grip with every breath he took...

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