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   Chapter 576 He Stole The Heart Of My Love

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10165

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Jacob's words completely sobered Emily up. She finally realized what Jacob meant.

"Is that the reason why you're asking me to have all these examinations today?" Emily murmured and looked at Jacob in disbelief.

The look of shock in Emily's eyes with which she was staring at him made Jacob feel uneasy. He didn't mean to insult her by imply she was cheating on him behind his back. He just cared about her health and wanted her to finish the examination.

Unfortunately, things didn't go according to his plans and he ended up hurting Emily's feelings. What kind of a person did he think she was? A common whore? This time Jacob had gone too far.

Just from the look in Jacob's eyes, Emily could imagine how much he detested her. In truth, however, Emily could sense Jacob's growing feelings for her even he did lose his memory. However, his failure to communicate adequately made his expression of his love as resentment. As a result he always ended up overreacting to everything she said or did.

'Does he think I'm some kind of indecent woman? Why does he treat me with so much disrespect?' Emily wondered.

Having noticed Emily's disheartened face, Jacob came to the realization that he had blown things out of proportion. Just as he was about to make amends, he was interrupted before he could even open his mouth.

"Sure. I will take that medical test, since you don't believe me," Emily said slowly, as if she had squeezed the words from her teeth.

Jacob's heart ached to see her so dismayed by his words. He immediately regretted his words, born out of his childish impulsion.

He was on the verge of conceding defeat to Emily as he felt overwhelmed by his urge to hold her tightly in his arms and beg for her forgiveness, but he controlled his emotions.

Jacob knew it was not about trust. Emily said she didn't have much time left. What could she mean? Whether she was really ill or not could only be proven by the test result. The paranoia had bested him and he was desperate for the truth. Sadly, the only thing that could set his heart at ease was the result of the medical test.

His mind would remain restless and he would lose sleep over it if he didn't uncover the truth. This lack of clarity could only stir up more doubts, fears and even anger in the future.

Jacob hated all these negative emotions and he didn't allow any of them to occupy his heart any more.

Emily left the room to get the medical test, swamped with negative emotion. One by one she went through all the procedures like a mindless robot, complying with the doctor's orders.

After all the medical tests, Emily and Jacob waited outside for the result. They sat on the bench as far as possible from each other, like two strangers.

When the results came in, they found that Emily had no abnormalities apart from the fact that she was prone to anemia and anxiety disorder. The doctor suggested that Emily should have more rest and avoid stressful events as much as possible.

"Have you been suffering from anxiety lately? Why?"

stinctively. She clung to Jacob's clothes firmly and looked at the smashed phone in astonishment. Jacob's shoulders rose and fell with heavy breaths. After a few seconds, he turned around to her. To Emily's surprise, instead of the receiving his comfort, all she got was a cold shoulder. Jacob shook her by the shoulder violently and shouted, "Are you happy now? Hearing your old lover expressing his endless love to you, are you touched? I think you must be eager to go to back to his side. Answer me!"

Emily looked into his eyes silently while he was speaking. She had mixed feelings, ranging from astonishment, frustration and then returning to calm again. She said nothing but shook his hands off from her shoulder.

Without any response from Emily, Jacob got even more furious. He grabbed her hand compulsively and continued to questioned her, "Tell me! Am I right? But listen to me carefully! I will never allow you to go away with that useless piece of shit! Oh and by the way, will he be able to satisfy you in bed if I let you go, now that he is a cripple?

You are such a shameless whore! How dare you have someone else in your heart when you have a family and child with me! You're never going to get away with this! Even if I am fed up with you, I won't allow you to betray me!"

There was a striking contrast between his irritation and Emily's calmness.

"You are hurting me, Jacob. Please let go of my hand!" Emily said as she struggled to get rid of Jacob's hand.

After seeing the red welts his grip had left on Emily's hand, Jacob realized that he was too being hard on Emily and he quickly let her go.

"Aha! You're finally speaking!" Jacob sneered.

"You are a jealous man-child! Your unjustified anger to me is purely out of envy," Emily said slowly as she was rubbing her sore hand, "Jacob, you should know better than anyone that I haven't been talking to Jack. You're the one who decided to call Jack back. You're the one throwing tantrums over him. And you're the one smashed the phone!"

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