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   Chapter 570 Do You Suspect I'm Ill

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9459

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After a while, he suddenly cast her aside, throwing her onto the bed. His face darkened and he left without another word to her.

She lay motionless on the bed, like a soulless puppet which had been used and carelessly discarded.

A few minutes later, a skilled middle-aged female doctor with a blank face came in to examine her and then prescribed medicine for her.

"Miss Emily, this is the contraceptive pill. Please take it everyday. You must start right away," the doctor said.

There wasn't even a hint of empathy on the doctor's face and she clinically treated Emily as if she was just an ordinary patient.

"Contraceptive pill..." Emily muttered these words over and over again, until finally her eyes drowned in an emotional wave. "Jacob asked me to take it?" she asked in disbelief.

For a moment it seemed that the doctor wanted to offer an explanation, but her clinical face slid into place and she answered evenly, "Yes."

"Oh. I understand." Emily burst into self-mocking laughter and felt her heart turn bitter.

Although she knew that she was in poor health and not really fit to have another child for the time being, his reluctance to have a baby with her was a painful blow. She was deeply disappointed.

Only hours before, they had been intimate with each other, and they were so close as to be a joined whole. But now, she felt as if an ocean separated them, a chasm which could not be crossed.

'You are good-for-nothing, Emily, '

a voice inside her mocked.

The female doctor did not leave after giving her the medicine, instead, she stood still and looked firmly at her. Obviously, she wanted to see her taking the pill with her own eyes.

Emily subconsciously raised her hand to cover her aching heart, trying to suppress her pain. But as she lowered her hand, she decided and took the pill.

The doctor seemed to breathe a long sigh of relief. "Miss Emily, now you need to have plenty of rest," she said with some concern.

"Thank you," Emily replied weakly.

What she didn't know was that the doctor did not leave the villa after seeing her, but instead went to Jacob's study where she reported everything about Emily's condition to him.

"Did she say anything?" He stood at the tall window with his back to the door. His face was blurred by the sharp light from the window.

"No." The doctor shook her head, but hesitated, still wanting to say more.

He was impatient with her hesitation and commanded sharply, "Say it."

"Miss Emily's not in good health. Her body will not stand long term use of contraceptives. I suggest that it would be better if you take birth control measures, instead of her taking the pills," she advised clinically.

His face hardened and seemed to turn to stone, as he said abruptly, "Get out. Go!"

Unsure of whether he would take her

nned by her words, his face turned cold and he asked enraged, "What do you mean? Do you suspect that I have an illness? You think I'll pass it on to you?"

He remembered that she had entangled with so many men, yet he didn't stay away from her, even if she was sullied. Now she was taking the high road and wanted him to have an examination to make sure that he didn't have any infectious diseases! How ridiculous!

She bit her lip and tried to explain, "No. I didn't mean that. I'm just afraid of..."

He barked a cold laugh and interrupted her, "What are you afraid of? I'm curious. Are you afraid of death?"

"No! I'm afraid that something bad will happen to you," she replied aloud. Panic-stricken her fingernails cut into his skin as she unconsciously dug into him. "I just had a dream. I dreamed you were dead. I was too scared..." she said with fear.

Outside the window, the pre-dawn had turned the sky the color of roses, and the increased light filtered through the window, allowing him to see her face clearly. She was panicked and fearful. Her big eyes were full of indescribable sadness and despair.

She didn't seem to have fully recovered from her nightmare. Cold sweat exuded through the pores in her smooth skin and wet her beautiful face. Her tiny body trembled continuously, as if something terrible had happened to her.

"Please, just go to the hospital and do a comprehensive examination... Go to the best hospital... After that, I'll cooperate with you. I'll do whatever you want. Please! Jacob, promise me..." she begged and pleaded in a soft tone.

He felt his chest tighten in response, and he blurted without hesitation, "Okay. I promise you."

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal. It was just a general check-up. As for Emily... Was she really concerned about him?

Whether it was a trick or a sincere concern, a check-up wouldn't do him any harm.

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