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   Chapter 568 Don't Be Insatiable

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6795

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Drawing a sharp breath, he yelled in a husky voice, "Get out of here!"

Startled, she didn't react for a second. Then she wiped her tears and left without a word.

Opening the cold water, he immersed himself under the icy flood for a while until he had calmed down.

He was fully aware of his desire inside.

'Emily, you are just trying to seduce me!

I will never be trapped by you!' he thought.

Wrapping his lean frame in a bathrobe, he left the bathroom. Outside, Emily was sitting blankly on the ground. Her eyes were far off and she seemed to be drowning in her own memories.

He could not help feeling concern for her.

'Emily, you said that you loved me. But you just love what I was in the past, not what I have become.

Now, you can't see me as a different person, ' he thought bitterly.

It was as if he had been weighed and found wanting, and he couldn't help feeling humiliated.

'I am no-one's substitute! I will never be. Not even for my past self, ' his mind sneered.

"Emily, didn't I tell you to get out of here?" he questioned coldly. Walking to her, he took a hold of her collar and pulled her up like a bunny drawn forth for a magic trick.

She did not struggle, instead she stared into his cold eyes unflinchingly and said, "I want to be with you. I just want to be with you..."

He was overwhelmed by a dark impulse to punish her then, to strike out at her and leave her broken like a dying rabbit. He wanted to see her look at him through swollen eyes, reddened from crying or abuse, he wasn't even certain which. Confusion reigned in his heart!

He wanted to punish her, kiss her, perhaps even sleep with her so that she would cry for him only...

He thought that he was the master of his actions, but every time that he saw her, his control suffered a crushing defeat.

It felt like the beast chained in his mind was going to break free at any time.

"So don't regret your words then,"

his husky voice whispered in her ear. Suddenly, she was thrown onto the soft bed.


numbed feet touched the floor.

Finally, she stood up and found a T-shirt of his to wear. Her clothes had been torn into pieces during their coitus.

Then the door opened and Jacob walked in.

She stood stock still and stared at him like a puppet that needed directions to move.

He noticed her skinny white feet and his eyebrows knitted together in concern. "Why do you stand there with bare feet? Don't you have shoes?" he asked in dissatisfaction.

She dropped her eyes and searched about the room, before replying in a low voice, "No, I don't."

Searching around, he also didn't find her shoes, and he considered that they had maybe been kicked under the bed by him. He asked then, "You can go back to bed, or wear mine?"

Raising her head she looked at him with affection as she hoped that he still cared about her. "I want to wear yours." she said.

He walked towards her, stopped and removed his shoes, standing there barefoot next to her. Then he said dispassionately, "Here you are."

Unmoving, she stared at him with large watery eyes as if expecting something more from him.

Smiling stoically, he asked, "Must I help you wear them? Emily, I warn you: don't be insatiable."

She sensed an improvement in his attitude and allowed herself a glimmer of hope.

Therefore, she tried to find out where his bottom line now was.

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