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   Chapter 567 The Boldest Way

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Jacob seemed to know something was going on and he walked quickly towards the bathroom with long strides.

He opened the door and saw a woman leaning over the bathtub. She was running hot water while testing the temperature with her slender bandaged hand. The air was steamed up and he could only see her attractive profile. Her long sleek hair was tied at the nape of her neck, but a single lock had escaped and dangled seductively over the warm water.

Perhaps it was due to the heat from the bathwater, he felt a little hot and uneasy. "What are you doing here?" he asked in a husky tone.

"Running water for you," Emily said gently.

"You seem to be quite adept at that. How many people have you ever run water for?" he asked. He could not help a flash of anger racing through his blood at the thought of her having done this intimate act for others.

She knew what he meant and she shook her head, saying softly, "No, I have only ever run water for you."

Reassured by her words, he calmed down somewhat. Swallowing down his boiling emotions, he instructed coldly, "You may go if you have finished."

'There is so much water in that bath. Doesn't she know that she should keep her injured hand away from water? Such a twerp!' he mentally screamed at her.

"Okay. If you need anything, please call me," she said gently as she headed to the door.

He burst into laughter and bantered callously, "So, what now? You want to be my only maid, hum?"

"No, I don't." She quickly denied, but added seriously in a measured tone, "I want to be your wife."

"Phew!" He felt the arrow of her words pierce his heart. Like a seed planted there it took root and quickly twined around his soul.

"You..." He stuttered as he didn't even know what to say to that. Finally he muttered unconvincingly, "It's impossible."

'It's definitely impossible!

Don't even dream it!

She will be the last one in this world that I would marry!' he thought absently.

Of course, he would one day know what it meant to go back on his words.

He shut the door behind her, less on account of privacy and more to shut out the mess of thou

th," he said. Feeling quite pleased with his decision, he considered it a way to further humiliate her.

'This is a way to further take revenge on her, ' he thought happily.

Considering this motivation, he felt content with his decision to have her serve him.

She mutely accepted that her plan had failed and began to scrub his back carefully.

Her fingers gently traced the scars on his back, her eyes wandering along this map of the suffering he had endured in life.

Tears came unbidden to her eyes as she recollected all that they had once experienced together.

'We endured so many difficulties before. We will surely make it through this time!' she tried to encourage herself.

He felt her attitude change and sensing her touch upon his scars he asked without moving, "Do you think them ugly?"

"No." she choked back her sad sobs.

He felt her emotions like a raw energy in the room and sensed that she was close to weeping. Confused, he frowned and was about to turn and confront her, when something warm splashed on his back. A single tear rolled down the landscape of his pain.

It was followed by a gentle kiss planted on his back.

He was stunned. 'What did she just do?

She... She kissed the ugly scars on my back!' he thought in disbelief.

He felt his heart miss a beat and then begin to pump warmth through his body.

'What on earth? What kind of a woman are you?' he wondered.

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