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   Chapter 566 Sweet Words Are Poisonous

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After a while, Jacob closed his eyes and then asked coldly, "Emily, are you sure?"

"Yes. I am sure. I am ready," Emily nodded firmly.

Jacob let out a taunting laughter but there was no trace of pleasure that could be found on his face. "Emily, are you a masochist? Why do you enjoy getting hurt?"

"I don't like being hurt, but I love you very much. That's all," Emily said sincerely, her eyes resting.

Jacob held her gaze, but instead of the warmth of a lover it was with an icy hostility, as if nothing could melt his cold heart. But his eyes betrayed him, desperately trying to avoid being seen by her.

'Sweet words are poisonous, so I must resist her temptation to avoid being deceived.' Jacob kept reminding himself.

"It's such a pity! I don't love you any more," Jacob answered contemptuously as he stroked Emily's chin gently. However, he couldn't help locking his eyes at Emily as if she was drawing him closer like a black hole. Despite his efforts to turn her down, his words contradicted his actions.

"It doesn't matter. I don't care whether you love me back or not." Emily fought off the tears to keep a calm disposition, even though she was deeply hurt by Jacob. After a while, she added, "My wound is getting worse because of you. You should be responsible for your actions. Would you kindly dress the wound for me?"

"Are you serious? No! I am not going to do that," Jacob said angrily.

What was wrong with her? Why should he be responsible for her?

Emily was on the verge of fainting when he cleaned her wound just moments ago. How could she forget so soon? Now she wanted him to dress the wound again. Was she not afraid of the pain?

Jacob wanted to call a doctor for her, but she wouldn't let him. The pain must be getting to her head, making her think irrationally.

"I only want you to dress the wound for me," Emily insisted.

In truth, Jacob didn't want to see Emily suffer unnecessarily due to his inadequacy. After all, he suffered through all her pains just the same. Having her best interest at heart, he decided to call a doctor to dress her wound, but she downright refused him!

Jacob wanted to get revenge on Emily, but not in this way.

"Emily, did you hurt yourself on purpose? You hurt yourself deliberately and then led me to rip off the bandage, didn't you? You wanted me to feel guilty. Was that your real intention?" Jacob looked down on her with disgust. Jacob was deliberately talking down to her to provoke her.

He thought he would be able to drive her away if he managed to get under her skin.

"Whatever, I don't want to explain myself anymore," Emily said peacefully, without any trace of indignation.

She had grown accustomed to being wronged by Jacob.

Jacob didn't get the sense of satisfaction he was expecting. Instead, there was great discomfort in his heart. He stood up and walked away without a word, tearing himself away from Emily as soon as he could.

Emily watched Jacob walk away and she could hardly think of a time when she felt this helpless.

Everything she did was to get close to Jacob only so she could repair their relationship.

She would h

ion firmly.

Jacob still refused to give her an answer. "Emily, I want to make one thing very clear to you. As long as you are my woman, no one, will be allowed to hurt you or harm you in any way. Except me. You belong to me, mind, body and soul. Even you, yourself no longer have the right to bring harm upon yourself. Do you understand?"

After making his point, Jacob then turned around to leave.

Emily wasn't irritated by his arrogance because she knew that Jacob wanted what was best for her, and his bark was worse than his bite. She stopped Jacob and gently said, "As you wish. Well, why don't you have dinner first before going to bed?"

Jacob paused and turned around to Emily. "I said, no!" He stormed out of the room.

Did she just ignore everything he had said? Did she just cast aside his words as if they were rubbish? Emily really hit a nerve this time! Anger boiled deep inside Jacob, churning within like hot lava and hungry for destruction.

Emily, however, understood that he was only angry because he cared for her from the bottom of his heart. With a satisfied smile on her face, Emily stared at Jacob's back, feeling warm.

Jacob went to the study and opened the windows to get some air. A minute ago he felt like he was being swallowed by his darkness, but the cold breeze felt like it was flowing through his veins, calming him from head to toe. Having the anger dissipate in him felt nice, and he decided to take a shower before calling it a night.

As he stepped into the bathroom, a faint, unfamiliar fragrance invaded his senses.

The unfamiliar fragrance made him feel relaxed, but it also aroused his vigilance. Where was that smell coming from? He was certain that it couldn't be his perfume or his shower gel, or else he would have known.

The fragrance emitted a refreshing scent, making him feel as though he was standing in the sunlight and enjoying the beauty of nature with a gentle breeze caressing his face.

The sound of water flowing from the faucet brought him back to his senses.

'Who dares to take a bath in my bathroom?' Jacob wondered.

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