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   Chapter 564 Don't Jump On Me

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7601

Updated: 2019-05-27 00:06

The familiar male voice, like a constantly raging blizzard, sounded above her.

When Emily heard this sound, her brain "buzzed" for a moment, as if it had been crushed. It took several seconds for her to recover enough to react. Then she raised her head.

The man looked down at her. His tall body was outlined against the light from the passage behind him. He trapped her with his penetrating stare, and like a bird in a small cage, she could not escape.


"Are you an idiot?"

He wanted to say something to completely break her. He desired to give her a thorough tongue-lashing. However, as he looked into her glittering eyes and saw her tear-stained cheeks, he felt the violent urge vanish. He was suddenly unable to speak harshly to her.

She looked at him in surprise. "You were not inside?" She realized that he had come from the passageway and not the study.

He was struck by her fragility in that moment, and he felt that she was like a lost puppy, and equally cute. Unable to restrain himself he bent down and held her, his hand gently stroking her hair.

'This must be another one of her tricks. I should not be fooled again, ' he thought.

"Why should I be inside?"

Still confused, she shook her head to try and clear her thoughts. She suddenly stood up and asked, "Then who is the man inside..."

It was all happening so fast. Although her mind had recovered from the initial shock, her body had apparently not kept up with it and was still weak.

Jumping to her feet proved too much, and unsteady, she started falling to the ground. The world was spinning around her.

Without thinking, Jacob reached out and caught her, cradling her in his arms. It seemed to be an infallible instinct of his to keep her from harm.

Her face resting against his solid chest, she heard his heart thumping. Her ear was filled with the powerful sound, "doef-doef".

Every time his heart beat, it seemed to resonate with her own.

She felt extremely comfortable and safe when she nestled against his chest.

Good, very good.

He had not been inside the study with Bonnie.

Their love had not been betrayed.

Jacob held Emily's soft body, not willing to let her go. As he looked down at her, his memories suddenly launched an attack agai

"Yes, I am here to help you. Mr. Gu asked me to take the secret file, but I did not give it to him. I returned it! Because I like you, I didn't want to betray you."

"Is that so?" He laughed, as if sharing a great joke. "You are so stupid."

"Jacob, I really do like you! I'm willing to betray Mr. Gu, for you!" Moved by her own plea, she continued begging, "I just want to stay by your side. I don't need you to marry me. I just want to look at you from a distance, even if there is only one look..."

However, he wasn't in the mood for her theatrics and nodded his head curtly at the bodyguards. "Take her out of my sight. Interrogate her further. Find out if there is anyone else involved, or if anyone else is working with her. I would never allow someone to live with me, while they were betraying me by helping someone else."

"Yes, sir." The bodyguards responded respectfully.

"Don't touch me! Let me go!" When Bonnie realized the cruelty in his words, she struggled desperately and shouted, "Mr. Jacob, don't you like me even a little bit? I sacrificed so much for you..."

He was running out of patience and said, "You are too noisy."

Anticipating his instruction, one of the bodyguards immediately stopped her from talking by clamping his hand over her mouth tightly. Silence again ruled the world.

Still standing outside the study, Emily looked at Jacob quietly before asking, "So did you allow Bonnie to come and go from your office regularly, or was that just for the matter at hand?"

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