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   Chapter 563 Why Did You Betray Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7293

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Emily studied the green leaves outside, but her eyes caught a sight too searing to ignore.

She turned around, subconsciously holding her breath. At first she saw nothing, as if it was just her imagination.

Looking again, she restrained a little hope from bubbling in her heart.

She wished so much that the person who had been watching her was Jacob.

It was impossible for him to treat her like before, for he hated her too much to even bear the sight of her.

When thinking about this, she became instantly depressed.

She knew that he had returned, but she didn't dare to see him even though she longed to do so. His cold attitude was unbearable, despite her missing him mightily.

What could she do?

She had been standing too long in the same spot and her legs were going numb. Finally she took a few steps, as Bonnie passed by her ostentatiously. She left the heady aroma of perfume in her wake.

"Whoop." Emily choked and coughed.

Bonnie immediately rolled her eyes at her. She stopped to look Emily's plain dress up and down, then she said with a smug smile, "You look ugly in that simple dress."

It was impossible not to notice Bonnie's dress though.

She was dressed in a pretty but revealing dress. Her white calves paraded in a pair of pearly high-heels. A light spring coat was draped over her shoulder.

Long hair curled down on her back and she wore light make-up. She appeared pure and innocent, just liked a teenage girl out on a date with her sweetheart, "Hmm, you look pretty." Emily nodded lightly as if she didn't care about it, "I'd suggest though that you'd be better off not wearing such an obvious high end copy next time. It is easy to notice the difference."

It took several seconds for Bonnie to grasp her meaning. Then she felt stripped naked by the comment and her face turned red rapidly, "You... You talk nonsense! I am too busy to talk to you!"

"Really? But I have something to talk about with you."


"The stuff in the laundry liquid..."

She had barely spoken before Bonnie quickly denied it.

"I didn't put vitriol in it! Don't blame me!"

Emily's face turned cold, "I didn't say what was in the la

e, but she couldn't move. Her feet seemed to have become rooted to the spot. Powerlessly she had to listen to the sounds coming through the door. The more she heard, the greater the pressure in her chest grew.

Eventually she couldn't even breathe.

She was about to faint!

It turned out that being betrayed was so painful!

She wanted to scream and cry loudly to release her sorrow. All her strength seemed to have drained away though and she was unable to do anything.

The sounds in the study was so clear that it kept invading her ears continuously, liked a magic spell. It strained her eardrums and frayed her nerves.

With those clearly audible sounds, her heart was broken.

It broke into a shattering of snowflakes and glass shards before finally raining down piece-by-piece and turning to powder.

It hurt, it hurt.

Why did it hurt so much?

Why did you forget me? Why did you betray me?

Why didn't you love me?

She didn't even have the courage to open the door, for she was afraid to witness the destruction of their love. Afraid that she couldn't hang on, she simply stood quivering in one place.

So pathetic!

Facing the onslaught of her giant mental attack she couldn't stand any longer, and her legs gave way. Shakily she slid down along the wall and sank in a crumpled heap on the cold floor.

"Jacob..." she mumbled numbly as she suddenly heard someone's voice besides her.

"Why are you sitting here?"

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