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   Chapter 562 The Most Cruel Torture

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Bonnie couldn't wrap her head around it. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't put her finger on the answer. She felt misunderstood, "Mr. Jacob..."

Jacob shook his head, burning with impatience and dismissed her, "Leave me alone."

He would have asked Bonnie to pack up and get out of his house if it wasn't because of that thing. Not to mention, Emily, that empty-headed woman. Was she deaf? Didn't she hear him asking her to come to his study? What was taking her so long?!

What the hell was she thinking?

Jacob had a feeling at the back of his mind that Emily was seeing someone else when she was looking at him. As if he were a surrogate for someone else.

But who could that be? Jack or Sean?

Or perhaps it was Magee?

Jacob's eyes were as dark as a night sky without any stars. The light in his eyes that once shined bright was no longer there.


Emily stayed at Tyrone Mansion. Everyday she would be assigned with different tasks, albeit, somewhat boring and menial. However, much to Emily's surprise, Bonnie's attitude towards her had gotten much nicer and tolerable than before.

Unfortunately, that didn't last very long. Soon after Jacob had left, Bonnie showed her cloven foot. She came back to her former self of being a toxic and cynical human being.

However, despite her nasty attitude, she didn't have the audacity to hurt Emily. The slap to face Emily had given her, was still fresh in her mind, and the pain from which was a constant reminder that Emily was not one to be pushed around so easily. Besides, Jacob's attitude towards Emily was still unclear. Did he still love her? Or maybe he hated her? And if she turned against Emily, would Jacob support her? Bonnie wracked her brain with questions.

Although, she wanted to make life very difficult for Emily, Bonnie knew there was no cure for her itch. At least not at the moment.

All the while, Emily would keep out of Bonnie's way. In truth, she didn't concern herself with matters regarding Bonnie. The only person that took up most of Emily's worries was Jacob and all she could think about was what Sean had told her before.

Deep in her heart, she knew that even if the chip did not exist, she would have to ask Jacob to go a thorough physical test just to rule out the doubts. After all, there could still be other viable solutions available to them.

The problem was that Jacob didn't want to have anything to do with her. In fact, he didn't even want to see her. How could she possibly persuade him to take a test? Would he even listen to her?

Emily fell into a state of great distress.

It was just another day, washed clean of summer's dust by days of gentle rain. Emily stowed away Jacob's laundry as some of his clothes needed to be hand washed. She was no longer the Lady of the house, and the never-ending house chores had become a part of her daily life.

Emily took out the clothes and pulled out laundry detergent from the shelf. She wasn't particularly familiar with the brand, but she didn't pay muc

ong urge to hold this woman into his arms.

However, Jacob could tell that all kinds of thoughts were whirling around in her head, so rather than intruding on them he kept silent. 'Silly woman, why are you here? What are you looking at? And what are you thinking about?' He stood still, staring at the woman.

While Emily stood there completely motionless. All she did was sigh at some plants with her eyebrows furrowed. Clearly something was bothering her which pained Jacob's heart more than any physical scar he had ever incurred. He wanted to take away all her worries so she could smile once again.

From a close distance, she seemed to have lost quite a lot of weight. It was almost as though the wind could blow her away any minute.

'What's going on with her?' What Jacob saw didn't give him the satisfaction he thought he would get.

Yes, he wanted to torture Emily, and she needed to know that there were consequences to her actions! But he didn't mean to starve her. Jacob wouldn't sink that low!

Suddenly, Emily turned around, as she could feel his eyes burning into her soul.

When Emily turned around, Jacob hide himself without a conscious thought. Perhaps it was because he didn't want her to see him. He didn't want her to know that he was thinking about her all the time.

Jacob felt embarrassed by his weakness for her.

When Emily turned her head and saw no one behind her, she looked back at those flowers.

But before she turned around, Jacob caught the grievance in her eyes and he was stunned.

'What is she grieving? For who? Why was she grieving?

Is it so unbearable for her to be with me?

But why? Why is she trying so hard to stay with me?

Beryl? Is Beryl the reason why she did not want to leave?'

Jacob clamped his lips tightly, raging deep in his heart. But a few seconds later, his anger dissipated like a candle flame that had been snuffed out.

'Painful huh? Well guess what? You won't get the chance to leave me! I will show you the true meaning of pain.'

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