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   Chapter 561 So Transigent

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After quite a while, Emily slowly opened her mouth and spoke grudgingly, but clearly, "I apologize. Sorry."

Jacob narrowed his eyes.

'How could she be so transigent?' he thought in surprise.

At this moment, Bonnie was the happiest person in the room. She even forgot her place as a maid and she felt like she had just become the hostess of this villa.

Now she was sure that he did not like or care for Emily at all. "Mr. Jacob, I can see that she is not sincere at all... Anyway, I'm just a maid..." she pretended to still be aggrieved.

"Did you hear that?" He stared at Emily and continued, "Apologize sincerely, now!"

She gave a wry smile, and stared back at this man who had once been such a familiar and comforting presence. He was now a stranger. "So, are you suggesting that I kneel and apologize to her, Mr. Jacob?" she asked gently.

He stared into her misty eyes. It was as if a veil covered her intentions and thoughts. He could not quite get a handle on this strange woman.

But he could clearly feel and see the sadness in her eyes.

Hiding from the uncertainty that her presence brought, he replied in a cold voice, "Kneel? Are you always such a cheap bitch?"

She looked at him unblinkingly and said, "If you want me to..."

"So you mean that you would do anything I want you to do, right?" he asked, leaving the rest unspoken. "Yes," she said simply.

However, her answer did not please him. Instead it brought a fresh bout of anger. 'Emily, where is your dignity? Where is your principle? Don't you have any sense of self-respect?' he thought enraged. In the end he held back all those questions and just warned, "Remember what you have promised."

Turning, he disappeared up the stairs, his words still echoing in the silent room.

Bonnie stood there not knowing whether she should follow him or stay. She cast a glimpse at the motionless Emily and humphed, "What are you looking at? Apologize to me again, now! Just like you said. Kneel down and apologize!"

"Go to hell!" Though helpless when she faced Jacob, her attitude changed when she was confronted by the arrogant servant. Emily sneered showing her disdain, "What makes you think that you deserve that?"

"You..." Bonnie stuttered. She felt so angry and yelled, "So you were pretending to be sorry! Just for Mr. Jacob's sake! You never felt any remorse!"

"Remorse? I did no

d continued, "Look! I've changed the floor's color. Isn't it magic?"

Beryl did not see magic at all, but now that Emily said so she nodded her head and said, "Yeah, Mommy. I want to wipe the floor, too!"

Therefore, they began to wipe the floor together, but Beryl was just playing and soon the floor was full of white bubbles.

Emily watched her and felt the grace of a quite comfort in her heart.

'It's okay. It's okay. Everything will be fine in the end, ' she told herself.


Upstairs, Jacob stepped into the study with his usual feline grace.

Bonnie followed behind him. Flushed, she asked in a low voice, "Mr. Jacob, could you please wait a few moments for me to wash my face and change clothes? I'm so sorry to be here in this manner..."

He paused and looked at her with surprise before asking, "Why do you follow me here? Did I call you?"

She was stunned and asked in disbelief, "Mr. Jacob, didn't you call me just now? Or were you calling that woman..."

"That woman?" He swung about and regarded her frostily, "Who are you to dare calling her 'that woman'?"

Regardless of what had happened, Emily had once been his woman and had born his child. He kept her at the villa to vent his anger on, but that was his privilege. He would never allow anyone else to bully her!

Frightened by the rage in his eyes, Bonnie's face turned pale and she hurried to explain, "No. I'm sorry for the slip of tongue. It should be Miss..."

'Mr. Jacob just humiliated that woman, didn't he?

Why would he care for her so much all of sudden?' she thought bitterly.

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