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   Chapter 560 It's Just a Small Matter

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Emily nodded, there was no trace of anger on her face, "I got it. Any other problems?"

Seeing her reaction, the maid felt as if she had struck cotton. She realized quite uncomfortably, that she had just met her match with passive-resistance. Still trying to provoke Emily, she said, "Don't try to play tricks."

"On you? There is no need." Speaking up, Emily smiled slowly and said, "By the way, don't stand idle, either. After all, we are both maids in this house. We should work as maids. Otherwise why do we stay here?"

She returned everything that had just been said to her.

"You..." the maid was speechless for a while, then she shrugged, "Okay, I'll do it. What difference does it make?"

Saying this, she took a rag and scrubbed the floor with Emily. She was always slack when doing her job, and now was no exception. She just scrubbed it casually.

Whereas, Emily was doing it very carefully.

How long had it been since the last time she did this kind of work?

Four years, five years or six?

The maid secretly stopped her work. Turning slightly, she looked at Emily, and raised an eyebrow at seeing how neat her work was. She stood up and quietly poured a glass of milk, which she slowly emptied on the floor in front of Emily.

She watched the milk fountain down onto the floor which had just been cleaned. It dirtied a large area.

"Why are you so useless? You cannot even clean the floor. Look at it. How dirty it is!" she taunted.

There was laughter in the maid's voice, as if she had done something extremely happy. The maid felt light of heart suddenly, for her wicked deed had brought her such delight.

Emily raised her head and regarded the antagonizing woman. Her black and white eyes were like pools of deep water, "Your name is Bonnie, right?"

Her chilly tone made Bonnie shiver. Nervously she covered the name card pinned to her chest, saying, "Does it have anything to do with you?"

"No, it has nothing to do with me." Emily lowered her head, putting the rag on the snow-white milk. She used it to slowly suck up the fluid.

Not knowing why, Bonnie breathed a sigh of relief and then sneered at her.

She had thought that Emily would have been furious at her and would retaliate against her! She proved nothing more than a coward though!

How could a spineless woman like this be qualified to stand at Mr. Jacob's side? It was ridiculous!

"Hurry up and clean up the mess! Mr. Jacob did say that he would not keep useless staff." Bonnie's lips were proudly lifted. She looked

elieving what other people said without even asking for her side! He had already convicted her of the accusation, demanding that she apologize...

"I did not do anything wrong. Why should I?"

Jacob was not pleased with her retreat. His brows furrowed impatiently and he said, "Shouldn't you apologize for beating my man?"

The word "my man" was like a stone thrown into a lake, splashing water onto the hearts of the two women.

Emily felt as if her heart was drowning. She was so stunned that she considered asking Jacob when Bonnie had become "his man". But she dared not.

Like a dumb person she couldn't say a word.

She was afraid of getting an answer which would finally sink her.

Bonnie, on the other hand, was overjoyed by these words. It was as if she had won tens of millions by buying lotteries. She looked at Jacob with covetous eyes.

Mr. Jacob said she was his man? Did that mean that he liked her?

"Mr. Jacob..." she stammered pitifully.

Jacob did not look at her, but kept staring at Emily as if wanting to demonstrate something. Then he continued coldly, "Either apologize or go away."

This hit Emily hard, like a blow to her very core. Suddenly weak she struggled to stand and held onto the table for support.

Seeing her pale face and the anguish around her eyes, he felt a flash of regret at his words. His heart seemed to lurch in his chest, but only briefly and he could not hold on to the feeling.

He tried to assure himself of his righteousness by thinking, 'Isn't this why I kept her around? To hurt her and humiliate her for what she had done to me? So, I shouldn't hesitate.

It's just a small matter.

Can't she even bear this?'

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