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   Chapter 559 Because I love him

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Looking at his gloomy face, she slowly set down her chopsticks. Her lips pursed a little, and in a small voice she said, "Are the dishes not to your taste today? Then, tomorrow I will..."

"I don't need you to do anything." Jacob interrupted her coldly, but his eyes fell upon her injured hand and involuntarily he softened slightly, "Why do you like to be a servant so much?"

Saying this, he abruptly swept all the dishes off the table and smashed them on the ground. Broken pieces of porcelain scattered and the gravy splashed against the walls.

Emily was stunned by the violent act and the mess left behind.

"I am sorry." After a long time, she apologized softly, lowering her eyes. Her long eyelashes hid her emotions in their shadows.

But he saw her expression and her helpless depression. She was like a wounded deer. It reminded him of an inescapable despair and roused a great feeling of discomfort in him.

"Get out." He heard himself saying coldly, "Bring Beryl here."

With a low voice, Emily responded, "Okay." She stood up and left, her head still bowed low.

Only Jacob remained in the dinning room with its war-zone appearance, where plates lay murdered on the floor, bleeding out gravy and bits of food. He sat down, frowned deeply, and he couldn't help but recall Emily's expression again.

He was inexplicably irritable.

Why was this woman always affecting his mood?

Most of the table setting had been swept off onto the floor, except for one plate which had stayed safe and lonely in the furthest corner of the table.

Gazing at the dish for a few seconds, he pulled it closer and sneered, "What the damn did she cook?"

Although he said this, his hand involuntarily took up the chopsticks and he began to eat. The taste was oddly familiar and he felt as if he had enjoyed this dish many times before.

After tasting it, Jacob could not stop eating.

It was far worse than what the cook could prepare. But to him it was delicious, and he could not stop eating. It was as if he was addicted to it.

This dish seemed to have something magical in it, which calmed his mind and spirit. The empty space in his heart temporarily filled through the fulfillment of his appetite.

He even felt regret for his rashness of sweeping the other dishes onto the ground.

ed, but as she was about to lash out, her mother gently stopped her and said, "It doesn't matter, Beryl. Please go on upstairs."

Beryl would not go, "No, I will not. I cannot watch this aunt bully you. Why don't you do anything about it?"

The maid was so angry that she almost vomited blood at the word "aunt"!

She had only turned 20 this year! Aunt? That was ridiculous!

Because she was young, she was confident in herself, and believed that she could compete with Emily.

"Go upstairs, or Mom will be angry," Emily still spoke mildly, but her tone booked no resistance now, "Mom will solve this. Believe in me, okay?"

Beryl hesitated for a long time before she agreed, "Then... then, okay."

After this, she went upstairs obediently. Though she kept looking back as she went, as if she was afraid Emily would be further bullied.

She wished there was something she could do. Then a thought entered her young mind. Yes, she could go and tell her dad!

She could ask dad to punish the abominable maid!

Thinking of this, Beryl quickened her steps.

As soon as Beryl left, Emily turned ice-cold. She became like an iceberg that never melted all year round. Her beauty hardened and she looked at the maid with an unapproachable stare.

Seeing her sudden resilience, the maid was dazed.

When she realized that Emily would not be conquered, she felt embarrassed and said, "I didn't say anything wrong. Mr. Jacob said that you are a maid. Surely you then have to work as a maid, or what else would you do here?"

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