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   Chapter 558 Come Off It!

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It took a few seconds for the maidservant to respond. She was delighted by Emily's pallid face. Hiding a smile of glee, she turned to Jacob and asked in a servile manner, "Sir, finally you have returned. Please may I take your coat to hang it up for you?"

Jacob didn't respond kindly, but threw the coat at her instead.

Unperturbed with his disregard, the maid still fawned over him. She felt blessed to be able to serve him. Taking his coat, she proudly handled it like a precious treasure which she had been entrusted with.

Gloating, she cast Emily a shrewd glance before leaving the room. Her eyes were filled with scorn and contempt.

Happily she thought that Jacob didn't care for Emily at all. It seemed that she had fallen out of favor with him. Simply being the mother of his child was not enough to secure Emily a position.

She smiled gleefully and began planing what she could do next.

Realizing that Jacob must have heard her speaking to Emily just now, and that he had not taken her to task about her attitude, she began to scheme grandly. Did this mean that Jacob didn't like Emily any more and didn't even care how she was treated?

Unable to restrain her ecstasy, the maidservant began brooding on a plan of how to capture his attentions for herself.

Emily forced a tight smile for him and asked, "Jacob, what were you saying just now?"

His heart sank. He couldn't bring himself to repeat his words again for some unknown reason. "Are you deaf? Should I call a doctor to examine your ears?" he simply asked coldly.

"Stop treating me like this. It's enough!" She replied loudly as the smile faded from her face, "I heard every word, but I just can't believe that you would say such cruel words to me! Why?"

"Emily, come off it!" Jacob said angrily, "The jig is up. I am sick of you!"

She forced herself not to cry, clinging to the cold comfort that he didn't know the truth. He couldn't really be held accountable for his harsh words. Drawing strength from reserves, which she didn't even know she had, she knew that she could take the pain. She could suffer anything as long as it was for Jacob's good.

It was agony hearing such words from the man who she trusted and loved most. Every word from his lips was a dagger to the heart. It was so cruel!

She understood that he was riled by her behavior, because he had no idea of what was really going on. But it didn't ease the pain of his cold contempt. How could he treat her like this? She had been his cherished woman! But now she suffered disdain, like an enemy. Like an angel, she had been cast out of heaven and now languished in hell.

Her worst nightmare had come true. How miserable she was! But for his sake, she would make any sacrifice!

She took a deep breath, fighting to calm her emotions, "I have prepared dinner for you. Please sit down and I will bring the dishes for you," she smiled at him, as if nothing happened.

He silently followed her into the kitchen. Watching her slender back disappearing ahead of him, he didn't know how to react. Suddenly he felt the tension building.

She wore a white d

because of this? And even eat your food? Stop dreaming! But if you want to serve us like a servant, then I have no objection," he said coldly. Then he stood and went upstairs, not even giving her a second look.

Beryl was astonished by his sudden outburst of anger. She really had no idea why her dad would say such cruel words to her mom, "What's wrong with daddy? He is crazy! I don't like him any more. Mommy, please don't be sad," she pleaded uncertainly.

Trying to comfort Beryl, Emily didn't want her to become involved in their problems. She explained that he was in a bad mood because of work and asked her to forgive him. After making sure that Beryl finished her dinner, she asked the nanny to take her for a walk. Finally alone, she broke down and wept silently.

Was he really sick of her? Was he truly so disgusted with her that he refused the meal she cooked for him?

No, it could not be. Maybe it was just because this meal didn't suit his taste. She finally found an excuse to soothe herself with.

Trying to convince herself with this excuse, she hoped that it would make her feel better. It didn't.

She sat alone in the dining room and ate the meal automatically. The food was sent to her mouth garnished with her tears. It tasted bitter.

Jacob logged onto the surveillance video of the dining room, watching her moves silently. Gradually, he began thinking that something was wrong with her.

In the video, it seemed that she behaved normally, as before. She was eating slowly at the table.

But it was weird that she didn't stop eating, even after half an hour, she was still putting food from the plates into her mouth. Her actions were almost mechanical.

Did she want to eat herself to death?

Or did she do it on purpose? Was this a ploy aimed at getting his attention and making him feel guilty for his treatment of her?

Jacob decided to stop her crazy actions and headed downstairs. At the sight of her bitterly gorging on the feast, he couldn't control himself anymore.

"Stop it, Emily! Do you hear me?" he shouted at her.

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