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   Chapter 557 How Dare You Claim Yourself As My Wife

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7950

Updated: 2019-05-25 15:32

In Tyrone Mansion, Emily rested for a while, then began to worry about her relationship with Jacob. 'Now he hates me so much. What could I do to clear the air?' she wondered desperately.

Since waking up, she had not seen Beryl even once and she missed her terribly.

Thoughts of her daughter galvanized her into action. Despite still being weak, she managed to rise and walk out of the room.

Finding a maid cleaning the corridor, she inquired about Beryl. She was relieved to hear that she was attending kindergarten on Jacob's instructions.

Physically, Beryl had recovered enough to attend kindergarten like other children and it was good for her to be with her own peer group. Perhaps it would also help to balance out the trauma that she had endured recently.

'Jacob had forgotten me, but what if he also forgot Beryl?

If so, then she must be very sad, ' she worried.

There was so much to regret. The past was riddled with decisions which she now knew were not wise. For the past few weeks she had endured the urge to cry and bemoan her lot to the sky. She had been unable to release her grief and had needed to bury it deep inside herself.

They had once planned to regain all the sweet memories of their past. However, they had lost much more now. Even their future together hung in the balance.

At this moment, Emily wanted nothing more than a healthy Jacob. Therefore she decided that she would have to make him fall in love with her again within one month. Surely she could accomplish this? They had loved so deeply before.

She hoped fervently that Sean was just joking, and that he had lied to her.

She prayed that his words had been fake. All she could do was to cling to the hope that his talk of the chip and distorted memories was all false.

Unfortunately, she fully knew what Sean was capable of. His selfishness knew no limits and he would do anything in order to reach his goals.

Now she had no choice but to follow the path which he made for her.

She tightly pinched her eyes shut for a long while. Finally opening them she took a deep calming breath and, though tears still clung to her long lashes, her eyes were full of determination.

'I will never let Jacob die again!' she thought resolutely.

Noticing the time on the large wall-clock she considered her next move. Walking towards the kitchen, she decided to cook din

ey were interrupted by a low, piercing voice.

"Wife?" Jacob asked frostily.

Both women turned to look at him as he walked into the kitchen with measured steps.

"Mr. Jacob..." The maid stuttered. She was terrified and didn't know what else to say.

'How much of this did he see?

I did not bully this woman. I was just mocking her. It's all her fault! Why should she be so arrogant?

Mr. Jacob would not blame me for that, right?' she thought, cold with uncertainty.

Watching Jacob walk towards them, Emily could not tear her eyes away from him.

He seemed different, but also so similar to the Jacob of old that it made her heart ache.

He reminded her of when she hadn't been with him. He had regarded others as ants then as if they were undeserving of his attention. He was aloof and withdrawn in those days. It had been such a long road from there to the Jacob that she loved so well.

Jacob was always the one who deserved everyone's admiration.

"Wife?" He repeated with even more chill in his voice. Then he sneered before adding, "How dare you claim yourself as my wife? I do not remember even marrying you."

All of sudden, Emily's face turned pale white.

Her great regret had been that they never did get married, even though they were together for such a long time. It was always their intention to marry, but time and fate had conspired to deny them the joy of matrimony. They had suffered too many setbacks and obstacles...

She had twice given birth to his children, but she was still not his wife. 'How ironic life is?' she wondered sadly.

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