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   Chapter 554 Don't Go, Jacob

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 12555

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Emily's forehead creased. She wondered whether she was just hearing imaginary voices. She looked at Sean and asked incredibly, "What did you just say?"

Sean heaved a deep breath and patiently repeated, "Jacob is here to take you home."

"Jacob is here to take me home," Emily muttered under her breath. As soon as she said it, her eyes opened wide in surprise as if she just realized what that meant.

Even then, no matter how relieving that sentence was, for Emily, it was like a hammer pounding on her heart heavily over and over again, causing a thousand of ripples.

Emily's mouth gaped open at Sean, still couldn't believe her ears. She placed her outstretched arms down and asked, "Is he really here? Did he really come? You are lying to me, aren't you? This is just another trick to make me come down!"

"No. You have to believe me. I'm not lying to you." Emily eyed Sean intently, trying to find any hint of lie in his face, but his serious expression showed no signs of deceit and falsehood. When Emily didn't speak, he said in earnest, "Oh, come on now. You don't want him to see you as a corpse, do you? Come down here!"

Emily didn't budge. She really didn't believe Sean, but the news he brought was so tempting that even though she suspected that it was a lie, a way to deceive her from not doing what Sean didn't want her to do, she was still going to take this as hope like a moth drawn to a flame.

"Well, where is he?" she asked.

She then walked slowly down the edge of the rooftop.

"He is in…" Sean started, but as soon as Emily was down on the ledge, Sean rushed towards her like a lion pouncing on his prey. He stretched out his long arm and embraced Emily tight enough that she wouldn't be able to break free and do something dangerous that could threaten her life again. "Don't move," he muttered as his body shivered in fear of losing her.

As soon as Emily was enveloped by Sean, she immediately began to kick and thrash around, struggling to break free from his arms. The thought that Sean lied to her completely annoyed and angered Emily. Her eyes reddened once more, and her whole body was burning with rage. Realizing that all her efforts of thrashing around was useless, she lowered her head down to bit Sean's arm.

Her snow-white teeth pierced and sank into Sean's skin, and blood immediately started to ooze out. Emily could perceive the metallic taste of blood, but she kept her teeth on Sean's flesh.

Sean hissed and winced in excruciating pain coming from his arm, but he didn't dare let go of Emily. Instead, he tightened his grip more, making Emily let go of her teeth, feeling deprived of air. When Sean felt Emily's teeth away from his arm, he said, "You bite like a dog, but I didn't lie to you. I will show you that I am telling you the truth!"

Sean carried Emily and placed her lying flat on his right shoulder. Her upper body lay behind Sean while the other half in front. He carried her like this downstairs and held on despite Emily's struggle and cries to put her down.

Finally, they reached the living room downstairs. Sean placed Emily down but held her wrist in case she was going to make another plan of running away. She tried to take Sean's grip on her, but Sean nudged her towards another direction. She glanced towards it and a handsome man with suit and leather shoes caught her eye. He was sitting on the sofa alone, and his face was cold. His eyes looked at them with the same cold and distant stare. His temperament was indifferent, making him look like a snow mountain standing high and dominant in the arctic.

He was standing there, all handsome and difficult to miss, but he was also difficult to get close to, as if one step towards him would turn you to ice.


ormal brother should. At that thought, Jacob understood why Beryl was so scared and anxious to save Emily.

Sean was a sick and disgusting degenerate.

How could he fall and be obsessed with his sister that way? This was purely immoral and dirty! Jacob now despised Sean way more than ever and was determined that he would make him pay the price for all that he did not only to him but also to Emily.


Meanwhile, Emily had a short dream.

She was standing on the edge of the roof of the building and was in a standstill with Sean. A moment later, Jacob descended from heaven to earth like an ancient Greek hero to save her from her demise.

He fought Sean, but he clearly outmatched him, so Sean was eventually defeated. Jacob then held her in his arms, and with a magic carpet, they flew into the sky, traveling through the kingdom of the clouds. Together, they forgot all their troubles and became the happiest couple, who lived happily ever after.

However, the white clouds immediately darkened and the next second, Jacob faded and disappeared entirely. The blue sky and the clouds were gone too. Everything around her disappeared as if they never existed, and soon even the magic carpet she was sitting on disappeared in a flash.

Emily screamed and reached for something to hold on to as she fell into the abyss and struggled in the bottom mire, but instead of dropping dead in it, she fell deeper and sank deeper into a void. Sean's cruel voice rang in her ears again and again until his voice was the only thing she could hear despite her own voice shouting for help.

"Emily, I will save you as long as you are willing to be my Cloris. We will live happily together in the future, and I promise you that I will give you all the happiness that you deserve. Every woman on earth would be jealous of you."

'Happiness? Really? Your happiness means differently, Sean! Your happiness is poison, and some are still running through my veins!'

"No! Leave me alone! I don't want it! I'd rather die than be with you!" Emily screamed in horror and realized that she could hear her own voice again. She opened her eyes and woke up from the nightmare she was in. Her heart was still pounding like heavy hammers against a gong as if it was going to burst out of her chest any second now.

She heaved a deep breath and slowly, her heart finally calmed down. Fortunately, it was all just a dream - a nightmare that was going to haunt her forever. Luckily, she woke up just in time.

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