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   Chapter 552 I Don't Want to Disappear

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11105

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In Jacob's now restored memories, Emily had belonged to Jack once.

However, Emily was later in love with Jacob, and yet she still betrayed and deceived him. Along with Jack, she murdered his younger brother.

If that wasn't the cherry on top of an ice cream, she ran away, pregnant with his own child.

If Jacob wasn't mistaken, he believed that Sean was deliberately blurring his memories in fear that Jacob would act impulsively and have revenge on Emily.

Remembering how vile and vicious Emily was, Jacob wondered why she was stuck in his mind like glue and he kept thinking about her instead of trying to forget her.

Jacob thought that perhaps, it was because there was still hatred in his heart and that he hadn't avenged his brother yet that made Emily unforgettable in his mind.

Whatever took, he wouldn't let go of this woman easily.

Whatever really happened and where this woman was now, he decided to find out and act on this restored memories.

Meanwhile, in the Lu residence back in D country, Emily could be found locked in like a prisoner.

She was like a walking dead. Hell, her life here was worse than death itself. Her self-awareness was slowly deteriorating, and even her soul was being crushed broken piece by piece as if she was a puppet being reorganized.

In whatever was left of her consciousness, Emily knew that Sean wanted to turn her completely into Cloris, his sister, but she was not Cloris, and she would never be her. Her name was Emily.

She had her own lover, and they had a child together. She wanted that her own life back, and she never wanted to be a stand-in for anyone else.

However, Sean was determined to turn her to the sister he wanted. Every day, he would inject her with many complicated drugs and hypnotize her. With the medication and the hypnosis carrying on, the way Sean looked at her became softer and softer, as if he was looking through her fragile and weak body and see the Cloris gradually waking up from within Emily.

No matter how strong these medications were, Emily kept fighting against them and never gave in. It was a miracle that she was still conscious despite the amount of drugs Sean had injected her to fulfill his cruel and selfish desire.

Every time Emily fought, Sean would coax her as if he was comforting a crying child. "Don't you think your life now is full of misery and despair? My team had researched a new kind of drug that can end your suffering right away without any side effects."

He could have injected her right then against her own will, but he didn't force her, because he was as cruel as wanting Emily to be willing to get medicated.

Sean crossed his arms and said, "I don't care who you are, Emily or Cloris. It doesn't matter. I only know that you are my sister. What difference does it make, right?"

Hearing this, Emily felt anger inside of her. She looked at him with piercing cold eyes and said, "Yes, I would be willing to be your sister."

Sean's eyes widened in surprise. It shone and flickered in the bright light, and his lips curled with joy, but before he could respond, Emily added, "But I will never be willing to be a stand-in for the girl you had been obsessed with for years. Your very own sister! You are disgusting and a pervert."

Sean's face fell at once. The light in his e

and created.

It took numerous experiments and improvements, but all those were steps to take to make this perfect product.

Sean named the drug: Reborn.

As long as the injection would stay in Emily's system for a long time and that the dose was sufficient enough, Emily's intelligence and memories would degerate slowly but surely in time, returning it back into a baby's state - empty and blank ready to be filled in with new information and experiences.

Once the drug would take in effect, she would not remember anything, not even eating, dressing, talking, walking, and all the things that she had learned and known about. Despite having the body of an adult, her mind would thoroughly be that of a baby's.

This was the so-called "reborn" that Sean wanted to happen.

She would have the chance to begin a new life.

Sean would teach her how to talk, walk, dress, and even eat. He would develop her into Cloris and turn her into the Cloris he knew and wanted. He would give her the personality and soul of Cloris, and let her attached to him alone for the rest of their lives, so that she would eventually fall for him.

She would never remember the name "Emily" again and all the experiences and the people that Emily met.

Watching Sean walking towards her with a needle in his gloved hand, Emily stared at him in horror as if she was looking at a demon. Her eyes were wide open in fear and shock of what was about to happen to her. With great anxiety and unmasked fright, she asked, "Sean, what the hell is that?"

"Shh, don't be afraid," Sean comforted. With his free hand, Sean caressed her face tenderly, feeling the tremble coming from Emily. "I said I won't hurt you remember? This drug will just make you forget everything and will give you the opportunity to be born again, giving you the chance to start over a new light."

Emily's eyes welled up. She swallowed a lump on her throat as a tear rolled down her cheek and said, "No. No, I don't want…" She bit her lower lip and looked at him with nervous and despair in her eyes as she begged, "Please, don't do this to me. Don't turn me into another person. Sean, please, you are better than this. If you do, I will disappear."

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