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   Chapter 550 How Could You Say That

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Beryl wanted to visit Jack at the hospital, but Jacob brought her back to the villa instead.

"From now on, you are Miss. Beryl of the Gu family. This is your home now," he said.

He lowered his fierce gaze and regarded her aloofly. She was a frightened animal cowering at his feet, and in that moment he could not help but feel pity and soften his heart.

He was surprised at what a natural beauty she was once she had cleaned up.

'Of course, how could my daughter be born ugly!' he thought proudly.

She hadn't uttered even a single word on the way back to the villa. Even now she continued her silent protest against Jacob. Her thoughts turned to her mother in D Country and poor Anna who had been captured and taken back there against her will.

'Oh! My God! How could I forget them!' she thought unhappily, blaming herself for not being more mindful of their situation.

She had returned to Z Country with the intent of pleading with Jacob to return and save Emily. Many things had happened though, and the plan had been derailed somewhat. Today was so challenging, and it was heavy with chaos!

'I'm fine. I'm fine, even if Daddy does not like me, as long as he can save Mommy!' She thought with determination beyond her years.

"Daddy..." she spoke in a low voice.

His sharp hearing instantly reacted to the sound. He was startled by the sudden rush of joy which filled him for no apparent reason, "What's wrong?" he asked.

'So that's how it feels to hear your daughter call you? It feels so good...

Why do I feel that I once heard it so often?' he wondered, his heart hammering wildly.

"I have something to say..." she continued gravely. She was not fully trusting of him yet, and her eyes were guarded and vigilant.

He considered that the events of today might be the cause of this mistrust and that she was really frightened. She was his daughter, and he felt it natural to be more patient and gentle with her.

"Yeah, I hear you. What do you need to say?" he prompted gently.

He had every intention of spoiling her, as a daughter should be. He couldn't wait to hear if she had a request which he could fulfill.

Biting her lips to gather courage, she suddenly pleaded, "Daddy, please go save Mommy! She's in D Country and in great danger! I have traveled such a long way back to Z Country! You're our only hope now!"

Jacob frowned as he asked, "Who is your mother?"

Beryl asked in disbelief, "Daddy, Uncle told me that you had regained your memory. Why don't you remember Mommy?"

Confusion set in as she spoke, and he qu


However, Beryl did not want his embrace as she struggled out of his arms. In her efforts to escape him she slapped him lightly through the face. Her little palm made a soft "clap" on his face.

He immediately felt a need to be angry, but found that he was everything except angry. It was as if nothing happened.

"Stop please, please! I will give you everything you want, okay?" he said gently, trying to appease her.

"You are not my Daddy! You are a bad person! Don't hug me... How could you leave Mommy alone in D Country and do nothing!" she sobbed bitterly.

"Don't you dare say that again! I don't want to hear anything about her!" he cautioned as the headaches began again.

"Let go of me! Let me go!" she screamed, struggling even harder.

Sam came across them like this as he arrived at the villa. He hurried to intercede, "Mr. Jacob, Miss Beryl is still young. Please don't be angry if she did something wrong..."

Jacob's face darkened upon hearing Sam's words, "She is my daughter. I know how to teach her. You need not concern yourself with it."

"Mr. Jacob, I..." Sam lowered his head and continued subserviently, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to overstep."

"Uncle Sam, I..." Beryl reached out her hands towards Sam when she saw him. She didn't want to stay in Jacob's embrace and begged Sam, "I want your hug..."

Seeing her red anguished eyes Sam started reaching towards her, but stopped. He really wanted to take her and offer comfort, but he dared not steal the parental privilege from Jacob either.

Jacob was becoming really afraid that Beryl might choke herself as she was crying hysterically. Finally, he relented and handed her to Sam, "Fine, fine, fine! You hold her!"

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