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   Chapter 546 I Promise

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Jack continued to comfort and assure Beryl. With his undying patience, Beryl realized how much force Jack was placing so as not to hurt her, and maybe, this man really wasn't going to hurt her at all. She finally calmed down gradually. As soon as Jack felt that Beryl wasn't going to run away, he placed her down and let go of her. He then gave her a reassuring smile once she turned to face him. Despite that smile and the assurance, Beryl knew she still couldn't trust this man.

Once everyone had calmed down, instead of forcing information and details from the little girl, Jack decided to buy her a new set of clothes. They booked a room in a small hotel afterwards where Jack awkwardly helped the little girl take a bath and change into fresh clothes.

Not long after, Beryl was once again the beautiful princess she was straight from a dirty little beggar. Jack smiled and felt relieved that he didn't walk away, because this little girl in front of him was the kid he recognized.

Jack then ordered some take-out. Since Beryl had been hungry for so many days, that was why as soon as Jack placed her share in front of her, she immediately wolfed it down in a flash without even raising her head.

Jack was still holding his chopsticks and watched Beryl almost devour half of her food. When Beryl choked, he immediately expected that and handed her water and said, "Slow down, Beryl. Nobody's going to steal your food."

Beryl drank from the water and finally glanced at Jack before returning to her food, eating properly this time. Jack sighed. Looking at Beryl like this almost broke his heart. How did she ever gotten where she was now? How did she dirft out and wandered alone in the streets looking like an abandoned little girl? Where did Emily go? Why did she let her kid wander off like this? How about Jacob? Was he dead? He wouldn't let his precious daughter experience this kind of situation if he was still alive unless something really happened to him and Emily rendering them unable to take care of their little princess.

Jack let Beryl focus on her food first while he, too, started to eat. As soon as he noticed that Beryl was done, he offered the rest of his food, knowing that she might still be hungry. When the little girl shook her head, he placed his food and utensils down. He wiped his hands with a napkin and asked in great confusion, "Beryl, can you tell me why you're out there alone in the streets?"

It really was a great wonder, because from the moment she was born, she was an apple to everyone's eyes and almost everyone loved her and adored her. Now, Jack had no idea how she came to be in that situation he found her in.

Beryl blinked and moved her eyes as if she was thinking whether or not she was going to tell Jack. Besides, she still hadn't decided if he could really be trusted.

Jack looked at the little girl and chuckled under his breath. "You still don't trust me, do you?" He sighed and leaned back on his chair. "Well, I can do nothing for you now. I already did what I had known I should do. I gave you fresh clothes and food to eat, and now I have nothing. The only thing that's left is that I am sincerely worried about you and your mom. Did something happen to her? How could she let you in this situation?"

Beryl stared at Jack, thinking about whether he was really genuinely concerned. A moment passed, and Jack was about to talk again when Beryl opened her mouth to speak. "If I tell you, will you take me to my daddy?" She asked to sound him out.

"What did you say? Take you to your daddy?" Jack's eyebrows furrowed into a frown, but he caught the key point at once. A strange look flashed through his eyes as he sat up straight once more. "All this time you were trying to find your daddy? Isn't it easy for you to find him? You can just go to the Gu Consortium, and once you tell them your name, they will allow you to enter and meet your daddy."

Jack wondered in confusion. Beryl hadn't met Jacob yet?

Well, it was true that Jack heard that they, all three of them, left for D Country together. Later on, Jacob returned to Z Country alone and not together with Emily and Beryl. Did something happen in D Country

was sure to do an investigation to find him, so he dared not show his face in public. That meant that he couldn't send Beryl to the Gu Consortium.

Instead, he decided to take Beryl in Jacob's residence late at night, where Jacob would be definitely home after work.

As soon as the sun set, Jack bought a black suit and mask with the rest of his money. He came back and changed into his fresh outfit and right after he saw Beryl waking up from her comfortable slumber. Then, with Beryl in his arms, they set off and sneaked into the well-off area where Jacob lived.

"Uncle Jack, why are we hiding? Why do we have to come here in a sneaky way?" With a puzzled look in her eyes, Beryl asked in a soft voice as she nested in his arms like a kitten.

Jack thought about it for a moment. He could not explain everything that had happened to her for she might not understand adult situations, so instead, he said it in a way she could understand and accept. "It's just that when your daddy sees me, I am finished."

Beryl's heart skipped a beat all of a sudden and could not help but ask, "Then, why are you sending me there yourself?"

"It's simple. It's because I am worried about you, and I can't just let you wander off again. I have to see you go in myself. Didn't I promise you that I will help you? I am acting up on that promise," Jack replied. Deep inside his heart was already beating fast, but for the sake of the little girl, he tried and pretended to stay calm.

"But Uncle -" Beryl wanted to protest more. She wanted to tell him that if he was risking himself by helping her, he could just leave her here and let her go near the house herself. Before she could say more, however, Jack stopped her.

"It's okay. You don't have to worry about anything else. Just be a good girl, okay?" He stroke her hair as he reassured her.

Beryl's heart started to surge with warmth, and now the warmth was spreading all over her body.

Although Uncle Jack hated her daddy, he was still willing to help her and send her to her daddy despite the risk of being discovered. Why would he do that for her? Who was she for him?

Beryl couldn't understand or even guess what Uncle Jack was thinking, but all she knew was that she was deeply grateful to him.

Jack was the first person after coming here in this country, who didn't deceive or hurt her. He had been doing her good and helping her all the time.

"Thank you, Uncle Jack." Beryl said under her breath enough for only to be heard by her. "I won't let my daddy take you away. That's my promise to you."

Although Jack didn't hear what she said, he didn't ask any further and continued to move forward. Suddenly, he frowned and froze on his tracks.

His keen intuition had made him feel that something behind him was wrong.

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