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   Chapter 544 That Woman Again

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9212

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No matter how much she hated Beryl, she was now powerless. All she could do was watch the blood spill from her veins. Soon she fainted from blood-loss.

Transfixed, Beryl stood staring at her still form for several seconds. Finally she dropped the knife from nerveless fingers. Tears burst from her eyes.

"Good bye," she said in a low emotionless voice.

Running from the apartment like a stray cat, was the only option open to her now.

Right after Beryl's departure a team of paramedics arrived at the apartment door.

"Hello! Is anyone home? We received an emergency call from a little girl that someone has been injured here. Hello? Can anyone hear us?" The senior medical technician called at the door. There was no answer. "Maybe the victim is unconscious. Perhaps the person lost too much blood already. Hello? We're coming to help," The man turned to the junior technician and ordered, "Break the door down."

"Bang!" The burly men shouldered the door off of its hinges. They found Yilia lying on the floor in a pool of blood. "This requires more than a simple first-aid. Prepare her for transport! Contact the hospital and advise them that we have a serious emergency coming in," the team leader said.

Meanwhile, Beryl was hiding in the bushy verge outside the building. She watched the ambulance's flashing lights with some anxiety. In the darkness she shivered from more than just the cold. Looking up, she stared at the lights in Yilia's windows. She could see the shadows of the rescue workers play against the ceiling. Hopefully she thought, 'The doctors should be able to rescue her. They're in there right now, helping her.'

Minutes later, the men in their bright medical over-alls appeared at the door. They were pushing Yilia on a gurney and loaded her into the back of the waiting ambulance. They took off at speed and headed towards the hospital with sirens screaming.

Finally, Beryl felt relieved.

Truthfully, she hadn't wanted to kill Yilia. She had only wanted to teach her a lesson for what she had done. So, she had made a call to the emergency service before cutting her wrist.

She had learned in her troubled past exactly how long to make the incision. And knew how to control the loss of blood so that Yilia would not loose too much blood and die.

Instinctively, she knew that it was a terrible and most unnatural thing which she knew. A five-year-old should not know such a cruel method for torturing people!

This was all thanks to Tina, who had instilled these skills in her. The past had been so deeply burned into her self-hood, that despite having recovered from her mental disorders, she still remembered everything her dark torturer had taught her.

Wounds healed with time, but scars were

n, she was at first not really interested.

'It's probably nobody but some hypocritical friends or relatives, ' she thought bitterly.

However, looking up at the handsome man in his high-end suit she couldn't help being surprised. She flushed deeply and asked in a low voice, "Good...good day, sir. Are you coming to see me? I'm so sorry, but I don't think that I know you."

"No," he replied in a kind voice, "You don't know me, but that's okay. I know you, Miss Yilia."

"How do you know my name?" she asked in disbelief. She felt shy and embarrassed that this handsome man knew her name, but she knew nothing about him. Perhaps he knew her from a past encounter that she had forgotten?

A handsome and decent man came to visit a woman while she was ill. Yilia knew exactly what that meant. At least she hoped, that it meant something.

Not waiting for her thoughts to ramble further, Sam continued gently, "I spoke to the police, and they told me about a case of child trafficking which they solved. They also said that you took a girl away. Is that true?"

Crestfallen that he was actually interested in Beryl, she realized that he might be the girl's family and was really here to find her.

"She is my relative's child," she lied.

"Really?" His voice had turned cold, "But I also know that you brought the child to Gu Consortium yesterday and demanded to see Mr. Jacob, claiming that the girl was his daughter."

Her lip trembled slightly as she lowered her proud gaze, for she knew that he had found out everything. Deciding not to deny it any further, she said, "Yes, that's true. But I was also lied to by the little bitch! She told me that she was Mr. Jacob's daughter! I believed her, and I took her to Gu Consortium to be reunited with her father. God knows how a little girl could be such a good liar!"

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