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   Chapter 543 Little Demon

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7451

Updated: 2019-05-22 21:59

The sudden pain in her wrist awoke Yilia from a deep sleep. Someone had slashed her wrist, and the pain was excruciating.

"Ahhh!" Opening her eyes she was greeted by a bruised little face at her bedside. A pair of dark eyes were locked onto her in a most disconcerting way.

In the dim light Beryl's bruises appeared even more ghoulish, like a burnt doll in a horror film.

"Beryl! What are you doing?" Clutching at the bleeding wound on her wrist, Yilia freaked out and began yelling, "What the hell are you doing to me?"

Staring wordlessly at her, Beryl reached out and turned on the table lamp.

"Calm down, auntie! Yelling only speeds up the loss of blood. Didn't you know that?"

The wicked woman who had once kidnapped her had said so.

Yilia stared at her in disbelief. She couldn't understand how the child could have harmed her, but her bleeding wound reminded her of the fact.

Grabbing some tissues from the side table, she exploded in rage, "You rotten little girl! You are going to die!"

A sudden flash dazzled her eyes as she finished speaking.

Cold white light reflected off the knife which Beryl was wielding. Blood dripped from the sharp tip. It blossomed like red flowers on the floor.

The child's dark eyes gave her a chill. It cut into her own dark core, sharp as any knife.

"Tip tap! Tip tap!" Beryl flashed a horrid smile and spoke eerily, "Listen to the sound of the blood dripping on the floor. Do you like it, auntie?"

Wide eyed, Yilia wanted to rip her to shreds, but she feared getting too close to the child and her knife. Instead she cursed loudly, "You! You little asshole!"

"Asshole? Are you talking to yourself?" Beryl sneered, her dark eyes captivating Yilia. She continued, still smiling nefariously, "By the way, there is nothing you can do to stop the bleeding."

"Go to hell!" Yilia screamed. Screaming in her mind, Yilia thought bravely, 'Do you honestly think that you can best an adult? You little bitch!' But when she tried to get up, she was suddenly dizzy.

'What's going on? Did I really lose that much blood?' She wondered and began to panic.

Suddenly she realized that the wound kept bleeding no matter how much tissue was being pressed onto it.

eyes until the very irises had been devoured. The scene at her feet reminded her of her time with Tina, and it brought a return of a dark, desperate and hopeless feeling...

She wanted this vicious Yilia to feel all of it, all of her pain.

'Sorry, mommy!

I've become a bad girl again, '

she thought morosely. She noticed Yilia's eyelids flutter as she fought for a last breath. Undoubtedly the child had now become a demon in her mind. She would never understand how this wuss-child had turned into this beast over night.

She had seemed like an angel to her before.

"Rest in peace." Climbing onto the cupboard Beryl took the flowers from the vase and covered Yilia's quivering body. A tribute to the soon-to-be-dead. Mournfully she whispered, "Auntie, I will always watch over you."

Demon! Beryl was truly a demon!

Her mind busy dying, Yilia opened her mouth and tried to call for help. Lacking any strength she couldn't even make a sound. Her mind echoed with her unvoiced cry, 'help!'

She could not accept this. She was still young, and there were so many great things waiting for her to be enjoyed. She could not die like this.

It was her fault for what she did to Beryl, but the child had lied to her first. And she suffered such humiliation because of her. She just wanted to teach her a lesson.

Surely she didn't deserved death because of this, did she?

Her last thoughts were of how unfair it all was. She didn't want to die. Not yet! Not Now!

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