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   Chapter 542 You Don't Have the Right

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 12428

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The receptionist looked at Sam and said, "Mr. Sam, let me tell you what really happened here." She then proceeded to tell the whole story without leaving any detail behind, which was admiringly on point.

As the receptionist finished, Sam's face immediately darkened. He pondered for a moment as he looked down before raising his head to look at the receptionist and asked, "You mentioned that little girl looked like Mr. Jacob? Does she look around five or six years old and pretty enough like a Barbie Doll?"

The receptionist's eyes widened in surprise. She hastily nodded her head and replied, "Yes, that's right, but Mr. Sam, pardon me for asking, how do you know this information exactly?"

With his eyebrows furrowed into a frown, Sam kept his stare on the receptionist and ignored her question. Instead, he went on with his questions. "Do you know where they have gone? Did any of them leave any contact details?"

The receptionist shook her head helplessly and responded, "No. I'm sorry, Sir."

Sam sighed. His eyes looked bothered and complicated. If he was not mistaken, the little girl could be Jacob's daughter, Beryl. However, Jacob refused to accept and admit it.

Why? Why on earth was that?

Then again, since Jacob just came back from D Country himself, his temperament and attitude had changed so much that Sam could hardly recognize him. Moreover, his behavior turned more and more malicious and ruthless that there was nothing in his heart but fire and rage.

Furthermore, he never even once mentioned Emily's name again. Since that was the case, no one around him was allowed to mention Emily's name. It had became a taboo as if once mentioned, a bomb was going to explode right there.

Every single day, everyone in the company thought very carefully before they act or speak and shivered in fear after having met the true iron hand of Jacob.

Sam flinched as he felt a pang of ache at his right temple. His hand immediately reached for it and pressed down on it as a massage and pain relief. For sure, something had happened to Jacob, because he did not even recognize Beryl. Sam suspected that Jacob might had gotten into an accident that hit his head, or that he was poisoned enough to forget his own daughter.

What ever happened to Jacob, he must quickly know about. Sam thanked the receptionist and left in haste.

Meanwhile, as soon as Yilia got home, she rushed towards Beryl and roughly ripped off Beryl's skirt. Beryl's eyes widened in shock and fear.

"You don't have the right to wear this pretty dress! It doesn't and will never suit you. Such a waste of my own money!" Yilia raised her hands above and exclaimed in a fit of anger.

She spent so much money today and never achieved or gain anything back. Not only did she not see the face of Jacob, but she was also kicked out by the security guards, which made her feel so humiliated that as soon as she had set foot at the comforts of her own house did her rage explode.

Crossing her arms on her chest, she heaved a really heavy breath and glared at Beryl. "Jacob's daughter? Huh. Unbelievable. If you are indeed his daughter, then why doesn't he admit that? It's considered a fallacy if Jacob himself confirms otherwise. Even if indeed you are, maybe the reason why Jacob refused to recognize you is because the woman who gave birth to you is shameless and worthy of humiliation! Because, why then? How could Jacob have such an attitude to you if not for being a shameless reminder?"

Beryl glared back at Yilia and refused to back down even if she was just a little girl. "You don't have the right to talk about my mother that way, you shameless woman!" She bit her lower lip and challenged Yilia with a p

you really think you are for you don't think that you should be touched and harmed a little?"

As Yilia spoke, she pinched Beryl several times. Her anger turned to jealousy because of Beryl's egg-like tender skin that was obviously been taken good care of.

At that moment, no matter how much Yilia hurt Beryl, the little girl didn't seem to be affected at all for there was no more resistance.

After abusing her for such a time, Yilia finally felt bored for Beryl wasn't reacting in pain anymore. She threw her like a rag doll on the ground.

Closing her eyes, Beryl let herself be thrown on the ground. She lied there on the cold, hard floor, wearing nothing but undergarments. Her exposed snow-white skin was now covered with blue and purple bruises and red welts.

Yilia frowned at the sight of Beryl and asked, "Stop playing dead on me. Are you really? You're not even saying a word."

Her eyes then filled with malice, and she suddenly lifted her foot and stepped down on Beryl's little hand.

Beryl's eyes immediately opened. She couldn't help but unleash a loud cry of pain. Her big, round eyes started to fill with tears again, looking like a small animal that had been bullied into a corner.

The more fragile and beautiful something was, the more likely it was to be damaged and destroyed by malicious people.

At that moment, Yilia's expression turned to confusion. She wondered if she was simply venting her anger out or contorting to hurt the angelic and pretty little spoiled girl.

Seeing the little girl's pain expression, she finally decided to withdraw her foot. She felt satisfied already and kicked her on the side before she stormed off to the bathroom, leaving the frail girl behind.

By the time the clock stroke twelve, Yilia was already sounding asleep in her huge and comfortable bed, while Beryl laid still, shivering on the ground. She kept her empty gaze on the ceiling. She cried for so long that she had dried her tears out and couldn't even shed one more as she winced in pain.

With great sorrow building inside of her, she wondered why the world was being so cruel to her.

Her mother had asked her to leave her home to find her father, but her father did not even recognize her at all. Did they all discard her? Did they all let her be treated like this?

She felt greatly abandoned, deceived, and extremely hurt.

Beryl closed her eyes and started to hope for her savior to come and pick her up in this hell hole.

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