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   Chapter 541 Mr. Gu Doesn't Have A Daughter

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7438

Updated: 2019-05-22 18:53

"I want to see Mr. Gu."

Yilia regarded the receptionist with haughty eyes, flipping back her hair in what she thought was a graceful movement.

The receptionist smiled politely and said patronizingly, "Do you have an appointment, Miss?"

"Appointment? No."

"I'm sorry, but you need to make an appointment to see Mr. Gu."

Yilia frowned impatiently, "Then you can make an appointment for me now."

The receptionist kept her condescending smile in place and sweetly said, "Not everyone can make an appointment with Mr. Gu. He is very busy. Please identify yourself first."

Identify herself?

Yilia was just a clerk for a small company. How could she identify herself? She felt she was being treated poorly, and was fast becoming angry.

"This is Mr. Gu's daughter." She held Beryl out like a shield in front of her and snarled, "Does this qualify as enough of an identity? Does a child need an appointment to see her own father? This is ridiculous!"

Beryl stood awkwardly, but said politely and in a sincere tone, "Hello. I came here to find my father. His last name is 'Gu', and his name is Jacob..."

The receptionist looked at Beryl for a long while. She couldn't help considering that the little girl did seem to look like Mr. Gu. Could it be...

"Surely, will you be responsible for the delay, if you keep a daughter from meeting with her father?" Yilia had summoned up her courage and chipped in.

Judging from her coquettish stance, the receptionist wondered if this woman was a past lover of Mr. Gu, and that she had brought her daughter here to find him...

True, Yilia was pretty, but certainly not gorgeous enough to win Mr. Gu's attentions. Besides her temperament was lousy! Mr. Gu would never like this kind of woman, would he?

His ex-girlfriends were all visually stunning and possessed the charm of good upbringings. This flirt could not compare to women like Miss Emily and Miss Cloris.

But Beryl's striking resemblance to him made her hesitate.

The receptionist thought for a moment, then decided to call her superior and report the matter. Soon the superior called to the CEO's office and received a short reply.

"Mr. Gu says he doesn't have a daughter."

The receptio

ad planned. She had hoped for an opportunity with Jacob by returning his child. It was a means to get what she wanted.

But she had never expected that they would be driven out in such a terrible way.

"I shall find a way to meet my Dad!" Clenching her small fists, Beryl headed back into the Gu Consortium building.

"Come back!" Yilia grabbed her arm, "Don't you feel embarrassed enough? I wonder if you even told me the truth, perhaps you aren't Jacob's daughter!"

Shaking her head firmly Beryl denied, "No, no, no, I didn't lie!"

"Why didn't Mr. Gu want to see you then? He said he didn't have a daughter! If you are not a copy cat, then who are you?"

"I don't know the reason why my daddy said that he doesn't have a daughter, but I swear I didn't lie! He might have lost his memory. If they let me see him, he will remember me!"

"You have more hot air than a weather balloon! Meet him? You have just pissed me off. We're leaving here now. I don't want to lose anymore face!"

Yilia stared at Beryl fiercely as she would rather take her back immediately.

As they left, Sam returned from another company. He saw them just step into a waiting taxi, and he felt a pang of recognition. Running he tried to catch up to them.

However, the taxi drove off at speed and he didn't reach it in time.

Sam entered reception and ask the receptionist, "Who were those two people standing at the front door just now? What happened to the woman and that little girl?"

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