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   Chapter 540 You Are So Kind

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When Beryl woke up she found herself in a big bed. To her surprise, her clothes had been changed and her wound had been dressed properly. She whipped her head around, but nothing she saw seemed familiar to her.

Beryl wore a puzzled expression as she had no idea what had happened to her. She noticed a woman standing by the window and sat up straight.

"Are you awake, Beryl?" The woman had a kind voice.

Yilia was delighted to see the little girl awake. "Our rescue went successfully. There's nothing to be afraid of," she said happily.

"But why I am here? I should be at the police station. Why here?" Beryl's eyes flickered nervously in doubt.

She was expecting to wake up at the police station now so that she could ask the police to help her find her father.

Yilia paused for a moment and then answered, "You know, the police had to deal with many other important and complicated cases. They had no time to take you back to your father. So they asked me to help you find your father. You said your father is Jacob Gu, right? I know him."

Beryl frowned, seemingly skeptical of Yilia's explanation. "Can you really help me find my father?"

"Of course. I will take you to him today. Would that make you happy?" Yilia smiled at her. For some reason, she no longer was the mean woman from before. It was as if she wasn't Yilia at all.

If Beryl really was Jacob's daughter, she would be a fool to let such a good opportunity slip by her hands. Yilia was hoping to score a big reward by bringing Jacob's daughter to him.

More importantly, she was hoping to use this opportunity to meet Jacob so she could woo him into marriage. Perhaps then she would go from rags to riches overnight.

The thought of Jacob's handsome face, his wealth and his status, deeply excited Yilia's deluded imagination. She blushed red picturing herself and Jacob as lovers in her mind.

Perhaps she was destined to be Jacob's wife. God had finally smiled down upon her and blessed her with an opportunity of a lifetime. She wouldn't miss it for the world.

Her good fortune had brought Beryl to her, who could lead her to meet the most handsome man she had ever seen, Jacob.

In order to leave a good impression to Jacob, she tried her best to please Beryl. So the first thing she did was take Beryl to have a meal at a fancy restaurant. Later that day, she went to a shopping mall and bought herself an expensive dress. Then she got a new haircut to make herself look more attractive.

She had a completely new image after she had put on her new dress. The new hairstyle made her look like a fancy woman. The grim look she always had on her face was gone and she was delighted at the thought of her incoming good luck. To show her kindness to Beryl, she decided to buy Beryl a new dress too.

In the shopping mall, Beryl stood in front of a bright mirror, in a beautiful dress, looking at herself, but she didn't seem happy at all. She could hardly wait to see her father. "I don't want a new dress. Can you take me to see

d with excitement and then she said, "Thank you, dear aunt. You are so kind."

Beryl had been anxious to see her father. She needed to tell her father that her mother and Anna were in danger.

However, she was afraid that Yilia wouldn't help her, so she did her best to make her happy. Everything she did was for the purpose of seeing her father.

Beryl learned it the hard way, that no one in the world would love her as much as her mother and father did. Difficult circumstances had taught her to be self-reliant when her parents were not by her side. After all, she was brave enough to come to another country and save her mother on her own.

Yilia was grateful for Beryl's obedience, but she also felt a little guilty for treating her badly before and taking advantage of this innocent little girl now. "I will take you to the Gu Consortium right now," she said.

Yilia and Beryl went out the shopping mall and hailed a taxi on the street. They got on the taxi and told the driver to take them to their next destination.

Beryl waited in the car anxiously, hoping that driver would drive fast. While Yilia was excited to meet Jacob as she kept re-doing her make-up and adjusting her dress, wanting to show her perfect image to Jacob.

"Beryl, does my hairstyle look good? And how about this dress? Is it beautiful?" Yilia's face glowed with anticipation.

Beryl didn't understand why Yilia cared about her appearance so much but the only thing she knew was that Yilia wanted her acknowledgement, so she played along. "You look quite beautiful, aunt."

Yilia was over the moon with her answer. She imagined her meeting with Jacob and rehearsed what she would say to him in her mind over and over again. Everything she did was solely to attract Jacob's attention.

Suddenly, her daydream came to an end when she realized they had arrived at the building of the Gu Consortium.

Yilia got off the taxi with Beryl and entered the building confidently, as if she was already a member of the Gu family.

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