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   Chapter 539 Did We Make It

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 8799

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"Don't even think about it. By the time your father gets here, you will have already been sold to rich, old perverts." Yilia's eyes burned with contempt, and she snuffed out the last glimmer of hope like a candle.

Her discouraging words forced the girl to helplessly cry out for help, "Dad..."

"No! This cannot be happening," Beryl firmly clenched her tiny fists, "My father will be here soon to save me, and he will also save you. Don't be afraid, Mona!"

"Who is your father? Do you really think he is capable of getting us out of here? Is he a powerful man?" Yillia made no effort to conceal her sarcasm.

Beryl looked at her with intent and replied, "My father is more powerful than any man you will have ever known. His name is Jacob Gu. He'll come for me. You'll see!"

"Jacob Gu?" Yilia shook her head, as if she didn't catch what Beryl had said. "Your father is Jacob Gu? Are you kidding me? I don't believe it!"

"I don't need you to believe me." Beryl held the other girl's hand and sat down on the other side.

Yilia carefully observed the pretty little girl again, and she realized that Beryl did bear a striking resemble to Jacob. All of a sudden, her mind was sent reeling, unable to accept the possibility of the little girl telling the truth.

"Is your father really Jacob, little girl?"

Beryl said nothing in response. She didn't have the patience to sit around trying to win Yilia's acceptance.

"Even though you are Jacob's daughter, you are sitting here with us all just like any other girl. By tomorrow, we will all be sold. Are you sure he will be here on time to get you out of here?"

'If this girl truly is Jacob's daughter, the kidnappers are going to pay for what they've done to her with their lives when Jacob comes to rescue his daughter, ' Yilia mused.

Beryl, however, was lost in deep thought, mulling over what Yilia had said.

Her father did not hear her screaming his name before she got taken away. How would he know that she was in Z country looking for him, let alone the fact that she got kidnapped there?

The more she analyzed it logically, the more unlikely it seemed that her father was coming to save her!

What was she to do? She would have to save herself, without her father's help!

But what could a little girl like her do against those kidnappers?

Beryl looked around, carefully observing the fellow victims in the warehouse. She wondered whether they would stand a chance if all of them fought together?

The moment Yilia noticed Beryl's suspicious behavior, she taunted, "Little girl, what are you up to?"

Beryl hesitated for a moment, but whe

e, and her child-like voice showed no traces of falsehood.

Soon, a man pushed the door open and walked in. But as soon as he stepped in, he tripped on a wire and fell to the ground! Before he knew it, the women inside surrounded him and gagged his mouth with a cloth. They repeated the same process they previously applied on the female guard.

Yilia reached for the man's cell phone and called the police.

The man was completely and utterly incapacitated by the women. They quickly tied his hands and feet with ropes they had made from their clothes.

The entire ordeal had left all of them breathless, sweating profusely.

"Did we make it?"

"Of course we did."

Out of sheer joy, the little girls all gave a muffled shout.

Meanwhile, Yilia kept her eyes on Beryl the whole time. Blood dripped from the corner of her lips as she smiled faintly. Although, it wasn't visible on the surface, there was an eerie aura about her that lingered deep inside of her.

'It wasn't a flawless plan, but wasn't it too clever for a five-year-old kid to come up with? And she was almost fearless in the face of danger!

Perhaps it is because of the blood of Jacob that runs in her veins, ' Yilia wondered, baffled by Beryl's courage and tenacity.

There were several watchmen playing cards outside. By the time they realized that two of their men had not come back for a long time, it was already too late.

The police stormed in and arrested all of the kidnappers in a very short time. They rescued all the abductees and brought them to safety in time.

Having been through a lot in one day, Beryl was so tired that she fell asleep in the patrol wagon. However, carefully observing Beryl's face, Yilia, suddenly had a bold idea in her head.

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