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   Chapter 538 My Father Is Powerful

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9535

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"Ah!" Anna uttered a great cry of pain, but with lips tightly shut, she refused to tell the men where Beryl was.

Puzzled by her refusal to cooperate, the men frowned in anger, then one of them viciously kicked her hard in the chest. Gasping in pain she spewed forth a stream of blood.

Hiding behind the statue, Beryl watched the scene of abuse in helpless terror. Frighted out of her young mind, she almost let out a scream of horror, but she covered her small mouth with her hands, holding back the expression of fear. She could not risk being found by the thugs again, and tears of desperation beaded her marbled cheeks.

Anna seemed to be aware of Beryl being in sight of the drama, and she looked in her general direction, silently mouthing, "Go, go..."

"Anna..." Beryl murmured choking on her tears.

She wanted to save Anna but she knew with certainty that it would be futile, as she was too small and weak to fight off the muscled bandits. If she tried to help, she would simply be caught again.

Finally, she then accepted that she couldn't save Anna or her mother if she was caught by those men.

With a grim little swallow, she looked into Anna's worried eyes and, gritting her teeth, turned to run away.

'Anna, I promise I'll find Dad and he will save you!' she vowed solemnly in her little heart.

She ran as far as she could, her chest hurting from the breath burning her lungs. Not knowing how far she had come, she could only hope that it was out of reach of the bad men. Her legs trembled with exhaustion and she panted for breath.

Finally able to breathe a bit better, she looked around and found herself at the side of an unknown road, and the realization struck home that she was hopelessly lost.

What should she do now, to find her father?

After all, she was only five years old, and despite having a good memory, she hadn't been everywhere in Jingshi City, and she had no idea where she was now.

There were no passers-by around to ask for directions either.

She stood staring blankly at the black road with cars speeding past, and looked with longing at the head-lights that flew past only to dim on the horizon. Fatigue made her eyes ache and she felt weak.

Before she completely despaired, she suddenly saw a familiar black luxury car. Fixing her eyes on it she saw her father, Jacob, sitting in the back.

'Thank goodness. Daddy's come to find me!'

Excited at the thought of being rescued, she ran towards the car as fast as she could, yelling, "Daddy! Please stop! Daddy! Daddy!" She finally screamed in desperation.

However, the people inside the car didn't hear her as the car was traveling at high speed and quickly disappeared from view.

Beryl tried to run faster to catch up as she continued screaming and crying, "Daddy! Daddy, stop the car! It's me, Beryl!"

However, even an

f women and young girls, ranging from their early teens to early twenties.

All the women in the warehouse had one characteristic: they were all beautiful.

She understood then why she had been caught, perhaps only beautiful girls could be sold for a high price.

"Why don't you cry?" The girl, who had spoken to Beryl, asked in a puzzled tone, "Are you not afraid at all?"

In response Beryl shook her head firmly and spoke with conviction, "My father is very powerful. He will soon come to save me!"

"Really? I also hope my father will come and save me," the girl said hopefully.

"They will most certainly come," Beryl comforted.

Her words seemed to calm the girl, and she introduced herself, "My name is Mona. What about you?"

"My name is Beryl," she replied.

The two little girls sat side by side and talked to each other in hushed tones.

Yilia stared at the two little girls with burning eyes. She was overwhelmed by jealousy and envy, and her face twisted into an ugly expression of rage. How could they find peace so quickly in these dismal conditions?

She worked as a clerk for a small company and with her beautiful face, she had numerous pursuers and suitors. Life was happy every day.

But in the afternoon of the day before yesterday, everything changed.

She had met a lost child, and had decided to walk him home, but along the way, she was blitz attacked and knocked out. Like the other girls, she had woken up here.

She was normally a kind woman, but she blamed that child for landing her in this awful situation.

If that child was here, she would tear him up! Following the breach of her trust, she now hated all children in the world. To her they were hell-spawn and evil.

She found it difficult to understand why the traffickers had abducted her. One thing was clear in her mind though, she was now lost in this mess because of that child.

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