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   Chapter 536 I Won't Let Her Forget You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9268

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Beryl was witty and full of life, but she was still a child. She was still naive and Sean knew that. He took advantage of her innocence and easily fooled the kid.

Her expression changed as she looked at Sean with a small glimmer of hope. But her voice still sounded uncertain as she slowly asked again, "Are you really gonna let me see my mommy if I behave well?"

Sean breathed a very small sigh of relief, 'Finally!' He smiled a little too big and nodded his head as he answered, "Of course, I give you my word. I promise you will see her. Pinky swear?"

"Well.. Okay." Determination filled Beryl's little face. She took Sean's words seriously. With her forehead creased in concentration, she strongly promised, "I will make mommy better."

Sean decided to go along with Beryl's steadfast determination. He looked at her seriously and earnestly replied, "I believe you will, Beryl. I know you will do the right thing."

Oh to be a child! She was such an innocent kid. It was so easy to make her believe anything. A few encouraging words made her turn around and change her mind.


Early morning the following day, the private teacher Sean was talking about arrived. Beryl took different classes with her teacher. She started and ended her day with her studies. She hardly had time to play the last few days due to her focus on her classes.

Though Beryl wasn't a fan of their arrangement, she knew she had to do it for her mommy. She also knew if given under any other circumstance, she would never agree to this.

But the thought of seeing her mommy and making her feel better kept Beryl going. It made her strong and determined to finish her studies day by day.

In less than half a month, Beryl had already made progress in her studies. She earned higher scores and was constantly improving. Seeing her score card made Beryl ecstatic. She quickly took it and ran to see Sean. Upon seeing her scores, Sean smiled and led the way to Emily's room.

Beryl was finally going to see her mommy. She was too excited and giddy as they entered Emily's room.

From time to time, Beryl thought of slipping into her mommy's room without her Uncle's permission. But Emily's room always had a guard standing outside, and she never got her chance. Apart from that, she was too busy with her classes that she barely had time to think of a plan or to even stop and do other things.

"Mommy!" Beryl ran to her mother's bed and gently shoved herself to Emily. Muffled by her embrace, Beryl burst out, "I miss you so much!"

She held her mommy close, but Emily did not reciprocate the hug nor the excitement. She looked confused and did not seem to recognize the kid hugging her. With a weak voice she asked, "Who... are you?"

Beryl looked up at once, but did

night. She's all I think about. I just really want to be with her for a longer time..."

Sean sighed and eventually gave in. "Alright. How can I say no when I see you cry like this."

Beryl burst into a tearful smile, "Really? You will let me stay? Thank you so much, Uncle Sean!"

"For what? No need to thank me, Beryl. It's only natural for a daughter to be with her mommy." Sean held her hand and guided her in another direction, "But before you go in, I need to clean your face."

"Okay. No problem." Beryl's tone was finally light and happy.

Sean just smiled inside. She was really still a child. It was not difficult to comfort her. If only Emily was as easily comforted as her, everything would be easy.

That would save him time and he wouldn't have to take so much risks.

While Sean cleaned her face, Beryl couldn't help but ask, "Uncle Sean, can you really cure mommy? I'm worried that mommy might totally forget about me."

"Of course I'll cure her. I will do everything I can." Sean cleaned and dried her face patiently, "Don't worry. Even if she forgets all the people in the world, I won't let her forget you."

And there was no doubt that he would never let her forget him, as well.

It was enough for Emily to remember only him and Beryl. If it were up to him, he would rather have her remember only him.

But that would be too cruel for Beryl.

Sean would not want to see Beryl cry. She was the only daughter of Emily. In turn, she sure was his only daughter, too. Since Jacob had left, he would be the father for Beryl. That he was a hundred percent sure of.

After he comforted Beryl, Sean took her back to Emily's room and let her sleep beside her mommy.

Like a fish returning to the ocean, Beryl felt extremely happy and satisfied. She lay silently beside Emily as Sean reminded her to stay quiet.

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