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   Chapter 534 If One Had Never Seen the Light

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9795

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The air of tension inside the room was so thick. Everyone anxiously kept looking around. Jacob took a step toward the front, scanning the entire room. He was oblivious to the agitation of those around him.

Jacob confidently strode towards the seat at the head of the table. He sat down and faced everyone else. He was glaring at each of them. His eyes were so cold as if daring them to challenge him.

"So, does anyone among you have the audacity to question me? Is there someone in here who does not approve of me being the head?" Jacob asked defiantly. He kept his face up as he continued to scan the faces of those around him.

"No one, sir," one of the leaders answered quickly. Jacob turned and looked at the man who spoke. They all softly murmured an agreement. But in their minds, 'Of course no one would dare speak out. No one in their right mind would dare contradict him. We would not want to die, ' most of them were thinking along the same thought.

The leaders who once mocked and belittled Jacob were now cowering in fear, making themselves small so as not to be noticed by Jacob. Their mouths were shut tight. As much as they had a lot to say while he was gone, they had all lost the nerve to speak out now.

They recognized power, and Jacob was the most powerful of all. He was back now and they all knew where they now belonged. They knew very well how cruel Jacob could be. One wrong move and they would all end up in a ditch, dead and cold.


Jacob's return to power was the talk of the town. Everyone around Jingshi City was talking about his control over Gu Consortium. People were confused and curious about the influential man who had apparently came back from the dead.

"Jacob? Are you talking about the Jacob of the Gu family? Wait. Last I heard he was dead? What changed? I mean, the guy's dead so how is he back?" A girl was asking, she tilted her head and her face was full of confusion.

"Yes! He is dead. Or he was dead? I don't know! I still remember his funeral. Remember Cloris of the Lu family? I can still vividly recall her saying how she wanted to die with him," the person beside her answered, clearly intrigued.

"So what's happening? Were we all just imagining things back then? Did Jacob come back to life or something? Or was he not dead at all? Was all that a show or no one knew he was actually still alive before?" The girl asked again, her curiosity deeply peeked now.

"Oh he was not dead at all. He did not die in the first place. And you know what else? He's now cleared of all the former suspicions and allegations against him before. He's even back at the helm of control at Gu Consortium. Word has it that Mr. Jack was immediately sent to the police station for violating several laws. Well, that would be hard to shake off now," someone answered.

Magee was sitting near those people talking about Jacob. He was holding on to his glass of wine as he di

ounded so weird. I wonder if all of it is related to that woman named Emily?

But is she just a woman or a bed partner for me? If she is then there's no need to waste my time on such a woman, ' Jacob told himself.

Jacob kept driving. He did not notice where he was heading. He did not realize that he had come to Emily's former apartment. Jacob stared at the unfamiliar building, numb. But something familiar occurred to him.

'Where am I? Why would I come here?' He felt so confused.

However, Jacob pushed himself to ignore the strange feeling of that building and drove back to his own villa-Tyrone Mansion.

Back in Tyrone Mansion, Jacob cast a glimpse at the big dinner table and the empty house. He had suddenly lost his appetite.

Something named "loneliness" was haunting him.

It was the first time in his life that Jacob realized what "loneliness" meant. It felt like thousands of ants crawling in his heart, not painful but extremely uncomfortable. He was not used to feeling this way.

It was such a strange feeling for Jacob. He did not like it one bit.

In Jacob's memory, he knew he was always alone. So he should be used to living on his own. 'But why do I feel so uncomfortable and upset? It feels like someone was with me before, but all of a sudden she disappeared, ' Jacob mused on.

If one always ate bitter melon, then he would get used to it. But then he had sweets for a change, so he would feel very bitter if ever he ate bitter melon again.

This was just how Jacob felt right now.

If one had never seen the light, then he would get used to the darkness.

But who gave Jacob the first sweet? Who brought him the first beam of light?

Jacob tried his best to recall, but his memory failed him. He found nothing but his empty heart, hallow with cold wind pouring in.

'Did I really lose something important?

Why do I feel that whatever that was, I would never get it back again...' Jacob frowned.

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