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   Chapter 533 Coming from Hell

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7913

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"Am I not good enough?" Sean asked, as he tightened his arms around her. It was almost as if he was trying to fuse his body to her with his embrace, both mentally and physically. "You wanted me to help him recover his memory, and so I did. You said you would kill yourself if he had died, so I let him alive. What did I do wrong? Have you forgotten? He was the one who abandoned you first."

Beads of sweat began to appear on Emily's forehead as she became more entangled in the lissome limbs of this human boa constrictor. "No, it must have been you... Jacob would never abandon me and Beryl... I, I'm going to find him. Let me go!"

Her sudden outburst empowered her to begin struggling in his arms, and even Sean couldn't control her anymore.

"Let me go!" In a last-ditch effort, Emily pushed Sean away.

The next moment, she suddenly felt a stinging pain in her neck, followed by a cold sensation that had been fed into her veins. Within seconds, the cold liquid began to paralyze her nerves.

Emily almost dropped down to the floor at once.

However, Sean quickly held her into his arms as she was falling and a sad smile appeared in his face.

"Am I not good enough for you? Why do you still want him?"

Emily exerted her remaining strength to keep her eyes wide open. She opened her mouth to say something. "Because I, I... love..."

Before Emily could finish, Sean lowered his head and sealed her mouth with a kiss. He sucked her tongue, and swallowed all the words he didn't want to hear.

"It's okay. I will not hurt you.

I will tell you who you really are. You are not Emily. You never were and you never will be."

Puzzled, Emily tried to understand what he had meant by that. As her eyelids slowly gave up, a drop of tear escaped her eyes.


The Gu Consortium in Z country

The air in the conference room, where Jack was having a meeting with the executives of the company, was tense. Suddenly, someone kicked the door open, with a loud noise, from outside.

The noise caught everyone by surprise, but they were even more surprised to see who had kicked the door open. It was their former boss who was believed to be dead in an accident—Jacob.

Coldness filled his eyes as he stood there like a graven imagine, which already gave them an inexhaustible sense of being oppressed.

"Mr. Jacob!" One of them cried out.


ly unqualified to be regarded as a worthy rival to Jacob.

After all the years of standing up to Jacob, he didn't want things to end so prematurely.

"Take him away," Jacob gestured to the policemen. Without another word, Jacob turned away from Jack, reluctant to waste any more time of him.

Jack could not come to terms with this, so he yelled at Jacob, "Jacob! I will never admit defeat to you."

Why? Why did he gain nothing in the end after all his efforts?

Love, career, power, money and status...

He once possessed everything anyone could ever dream of, but Jacob took it all away from him with the snap of his finger. Jack couldn't accept such a fate!

"Jacob! I will never let you have your way!"

Jack's vicious roar, enough to wake the dead, still echoed in the hallway outside the conference room even after he was taken away by the police.

The rest of the people in the conference room was left dumbfounded at the scene, paralyzed to their seats. Who could blame them? After all, it happened so quick that their brains didn't have enough time to register everything.

How could Jack be taken out of the game so easily? It was too much to take in at one go. And Jacob who was supposedly dead was standing before their eyes, alive as ever.

Cold shivers ran down their spine and gripped them with anxiousness. They caught a cold, menacing puff of air whiz past them, as they turned to look at the tyrannical man walking into the room one step at a time, like the angel of death emerging from the darkness.

Nerve-wracking and disconcerting.

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